Changhong Ruba 1.0 Ton Inverter Series AC (CSC12QDH)

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Rs. 39,691


Pros of the Changhong Ruba 1.0 Ton AC (CSC12QDH):

  • Can be used not only as an AC but also as a heater.
  • Has a working of up to 50 degrees.
  • Has along air throw to enable perfect cooling.
  • Golden fin condenser makes sure you get the best out of your AC without spending tons on electricity bills. These fins make the air conditioner both eco-friendly and energy efficient.
  • Also has the turbo cooling function.
  • Has a fixed speed.
  • 1-ton air conditioner perfect for moderate-sized rooms.
  • Has the environment-friendly R410Arefrigerant.
  • Has the strong dehumidification property.
  • Has a hidden LED display.
  • Active carbon filter ensures the air you receive is clean, fresh and cool.


Cons of the Changhong Ruba 1.0 Ton AC (CSC12QDH):

  • Does not have inverter technology.
  • The model has only one color.


Is it costly or less expensive compared to an inverter air conditioner?

It is definitely less costly compared to an inverter AC. The CSC12QDH, Changhong Ruba AC price in Pakistan is quite low. A similar, inverter AC costs tons more. Although an inverter is known for being able to consume less energy, this AC promises to do the same. Therefore, this AC is definitely not a bad option.


Will it cool down a small room?

Definitely, yes. The size of this AC is perfect for rooms that range in size from small to moderate. Not only will it cool down similar rooms perfectly, but it will also heat them up in minutes during winters.


Is Changhong Ruba a Chinese brand or local brand? What about the quality of their products?

Changhong is a Chinese brand that merged with a local brand by the name of Ruba to form a totally new name i.e. Changhong Ruba. Changhong is a company with global reach and excellent products so there is no doubt, this perfection reflects off in the Changhong Ruba brand.

The brand has grown greatly in Pakistan since its launch. The company also works with other businesses based in both Dubai and Singapore. Conclusively, the products and appliances scream quality and perfection.



General Features
Capacity 1.0 Ton
Type Wall Mounted
Inverter Yes
Energy Efficient High Efficiency
warranty 3 Years Store Warranty

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