Gree 1.5 Ton Lomo Series Split AC (GS18LMH5L)

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Default Specs
  • 1.5 Ton Capacity
  • High Efficiency Energy Efficient
  • 1 Year Store Warranty Warranty

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Nowadays, the world is moving dramatically towards organic and environmentally friendly products. Herewith, Gree has understood its customers’ needs long before and commenced launching eco-friendly products. The eco-friendly air conditioners by Gree offer their clients a perfect choice for their homes and offices.

Gree 1.5 Ton Heat and Cool Series AC (GS18LMH5L), when launched on the market, turned many clients around, looking for cheap as well as eco-friendly air conditioners. Gree Inverter AC price in Pakistan depends on the specified product. It cannot be called cheaper, but so far yes, it is affordable and worth buying, especially for clients who realize that Gree quality cannot be compromised by offering reduced rates.


Cooling and Heating

Gree 1.5-Ton GS18LMH5L is installed with turbo cooling and heating feature to immediately warm-up or cool down the environment. The average cooling time is approximately 3 minutes, while heating time is only a minute!

Additionally, being T3 approved, even if the outside temperature is 52 degrees centigrade, Gree Heat and Cool Series can work smoothly.


Low Voltage Startup

The finest quality of the Gree 1.5-Ton GS18LMH5L AC is that it starts with low voltage and does not surpass your budget. The low-voltage startup also enables the air conditioning system to start with the maximum security when fluctuations in voltage are observed. The Gree 1.5-Ton Heat and Cool Series does not need voltage stabilizers during load fluctuation as it works with a wide voltage range of 120V-260V. It can also function efficiently even on natural energy resources since it is compatible with solar panels.

The AC features ease of life while stopping your home from getting hot in summers.


Added Feature

The Gree 1.5-Ton Heat and Cool Series AC features the sleep mode and timer to ensure that the compressor is turned off while keeping the required fan’s speed so that the temperature in the room does not drop, while the AC is not cooled. This is one of the best functions of this electrical device because you do not have to stand up in the night to switch your air conditioner off.

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Gree 1.5 Ton Lomo Series Split AC (GS18LMH5L) is available at the price of Rs.71,900 It comes with a capcity of 1.5 Ton.Gree 1.5 Ton Lomo Series Split AC (GS18LMH5L) comes with a 1 Year Store Warranty warranty period.

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