Haier 1.0 Ton Inverter Series AC (HSU12HSN)

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Default Specs
  • 1.0 Ton Capacity
  • Good Energy Efficient
  • 3 Years Store Warranty Warranty

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Striving to transform this world into a better and comfortable place for all, Haier continues to present us with its latest technological developments. Haier, a globally recognized and trusted home appliance brand, prioritizes in-depth research and usage of high-quality materials to make largely beneficial products.

Devoted to its principles, Haier introduces a new gateway to convenience and peaceful life, the latest modish 1-ton inverter ac model HSU12HNS. With a 3years compressor warranty, this particular Haier AC is unique and extraordinary in every way possible!

DC Inverter Technology with A-PAM

DC inverter technology is being adopted more and more by tech-related companies due to its numerous advantages.

The DC inverter Haier AC maintains the desired cooling temperature while operating at merely half-power. Thus, the Haier AC consumes minimal energy even during frequent power breakdowns. Also, a DC inverter puts less load on the main power supply, which results in lesser electrical fluctuations too.  The DC inverter air conditioners tend to create barely audible noise in comparison to loud traditional air conditioners. Hence, the Haier AC will help you maintain a stable and quieter indoor room quality!

Even more, this Haier AC has efficient solar panel compatibility, which means that it is operational on the electricity generated by solar panels.

The A-PAM feature in the Haier AC, based upon the G-type technology, helps lower the vibrations, stabilize work performance, and save up to 66% energy.

Apart from this, the Haier AC uses eco-friendly gas 410a that causes minimal damage to the ozone layer and environment.

Powerful Cooling

Being able to use outdoor and indoor temperature difference to calculate the current draw, the Haier AC increases the cooling accordingly. Thus, providing faster and efficient cooling instantly. This gentle current draw also helps increase the durability of Haier AC’s components.

With 4-way intelligent airflow and comfortable sleep mode, the Haier AC maintains a strong cooling strength throughout the night! The power mode allows the consumer to create a chilled atmosphere instantly.

T3 Approved

T1, T2, and T3 is a grading scale for air conditioners which determines the work efficiency according to the outdoor temperature. Being a T3 air conditioner, the Haier AC can provide excellent cooling when the outdoor temperature reaches up to 52 degree Celsius!

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Haier 1.0 Ton Inverter Series AC (HSU12HSN) is available at the price of Rs.68,500 It comes with a capcity of 1.0 Ton.Haier 1.0 Ton Inverter Series AC (HSU12HSN) comes with a 3 Years Store Warranty warranty period.

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