Haier 1.0 Ton T Series AC (HSU12LTHR410)

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  • 1.0 Ton Capacity
  • High Efficiency Energy Efficient
  • 3 Years Store Warranty Warranty

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Enduring development and research for over three decades now, Haier has achieved its excellence in an extensive range of home-appliances including, air conditioners. The company's commitment to delivering efficient solutions and elevating living standards has brought about a revolutionary change in households and workplaces.

Amongst the wide-range of Haier’s residential air conditioners, Haier 1.0 Ton 12LTH is a remarkable model of the T-Series. The innovative design and cutting edge technology of this particular Haier AC sets it apart from the rest of the models.

À la mode Design

Reviving the elegance and sophistication of your modishly designed bedrooms, living room, and even workplaces, Haier AC Model 12 LTH has a smart and contemporary built. This particular model has a bright and spotless white exterior, which occupies little space when mounted on a wall.

20 Percent Energy Saving

Requiring a power input of only 1260 Watts, Haier AC has a cooling capacity of 12000 BTU. Haier understands how rising temperatures can bring heavy-electricity bills to your doorstep. To eliminate this additional stress in the already sweltering heat of summers, Haier 12 LTH, is engineered with power-saving technology. It enables the model to provide faster air conditioning, through energy-efficient means. Consequently, the Haier AC model LTH saves up to 20 percent of electricity costs.

When the most-feared time of the year arrives, and the weather thermometers shoot up to 52°C, you can count on your Haier AC model 12LTH to keep you cool and shielded from the parching heat. The company has equipped Haier AC with Turbo cooling technology in which the fan operates at maximum speed and adjusts the temperature according to the current room temperature. By pressing a single button on your AC remote, you can enable the Turbo feature for instant cooling.

Healthy Ionizer – Fresher Environment

The ceaseless effort of the company has been protecting the nation from the scorching heat and the blazing sun as well as contributing to the greater good by taking care of our environment.

It purifies the atmosphere of the room and maintains a refreshing environment. Haier AC does that by electrically charging air molecules removing microbes, particulates, and odors from the room. Along with ensuring healthy air to breathe in, it also benefits people prone to respiratory diseases like asthma.

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Haier 1.0 Ton T Series AC (HSU12LTHR410) is available at the price of Rs.41,500

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