Haier 1.5 Ton AC (HSU18LTZ) Price in Pakistan

Haier 1.5 Ton AC (HSU18LTZ)

Rs.52,500 @iShopping



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Haier 1.5 Ton AC (HSU18LTZ) is available in Pakistan at the price of Rs.52,500

FAQS: Haier 1.5 Ton AC (HSU18LTZ)

Haier is a household name all across the country. The T Series Haier AC is affordable in Pakistan at the price somewhere between 50 to 55 thousand Pakistani rupees. Haier is known for working upon bringing together efficiency in performance, reliability as well as technology to innovate appliances.

Haier brings out the best in regular conventional appliances and amalgamates them with the latest technology with the fusion of both it creates modern-day appliances.


Haier considers themselves responsible for the protection of the environment and prevention of its ruin. Thus they use R410a as the refrigerant in their A/Cs & Refrigerators. 

It is responsible for provisioning comfort with no damage to environment protection of the Ozone Layer. 

Low Voltage Operation:

The Haier Air conditioner can work without interruption when the voltage can drop up to as low as 150V.

Sleep mode:

The Haier AC comes with Sleep Mode adjust the temperature of the room and as the body's temperature decreases while you are sleeping thus it gives peaceful sleep.

Energy Saver:

The Haier A/C comes from the range of energy saver series that can save up to 20% energy consumption. Powerful cooling to bring faster cooling, This is general A/C that can power cool your rooms, within an ample amount of time. This will go well with your needs when it comes to Air conditioners.

With 1 year warranty, Haier A/C comes at a nominal price range and in this amount you won’t find many A/Cs reliable enough for performance.

Haier 1.5 Ton AC (HSU18LTZ) Price in Pakistan by Variants

Haier 1.5 Ton AC (HSU18LTZ) Price in Pakistan starts from Rs.52500. You can buy Haier 1.5 Ton AC (HSU18LTZ) with the lowest price of Rs. 52500 from iShopping

Haier 1.5 Ton AC (HSU18LTZ) 1.5 TON White Rs. 52,500 IShopping
Haier 1.5 Ton AC (HSU18LTZ) Price in Pakistan Rs. 52,500 iShopping

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