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Orient 55 Inch Violin FHD Smart LED TV (55S)

iShopping Price Rs.76,500


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  • 0 Capacity
  • 1 Energy Efficient
  • 1 Year Official Warranty Warranty


The big screen on your TV lounge’s wall is definitely the right accessory to give your place a beautiful look. Orient is known for its amazing electronic machinery and home appliances from years. Day by day the variation in technology is leveling up the mechanism of electronic appliances. LED is getting slim with every passing day with built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and many other features. This combination of TV plus PC gives you a complete package for your place.


Screen Type: Flat

Resolution: 3840x2160

Screen Size: 55”

Memory: 8GB


Screen: Screen Share

Wi-fi: Yes

Bluetooth: Yes

Audio and Video Formats

Orient 55 Inch Violin FHD Smart LED TV (55S) with its flawless look has great features. LED is embedded with different audio and video formats to support any type of video and audio for a perfect match. The mpeg, mp3 and avi formats are totally supported by the machinery for quality audio. For high-resolution video Orient 55 Inch Violin FHD Smart LED TV (55S) supports mpeg1, mp4, mpeg2, dat, flv, mkv, UHD, 3pg, avi, 4K, mob and others.

Built-in Technologies

The LED has a widescreen with rich colors display the setting option gives you hundreds of options to adjust the display, audio tone, video mode, HDMI screens, screen share, and much more. Built-in Wi-fi gives instant internet connection, YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming options. You can easily use social media, do online reading, and surfing on the internet with high-speed performance. 

Different USB ports are available to plug in the flash and get the display on the screen. You can easily transfer or save your data through this feature. Bluetooth system gives Orient 55 Inch Violin FHD Smart LED TV (55S) access to your devices to connect with other nearby devices. With the help of this ideal attribute makes this piece of perfection different from the other Led range.


Orient TV price in Pakistan varies from price to price on the basis of functions and features. To unveil the perfection of the display, get your hands on this ideal entertaining Led for PKR 76,500 only and grace your place with beauty.

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Orient 55 Inch Violin FHD Smart LED TV (55S) is available at the price of Rs.76,500Orient 55 Inch Violin FHD Smart LED TV (55S) comes with a 1 Year Official Warranty warranty period.

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