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Price Beating Policy

Yes, you heard it right. We promise to sell mobile phones at the lowest price in Pakistan.

So what if you find the same phone being sold at a lower price than ours? All you have to do is tell us about it, and we will pay the difference in cash to make it the best offer you get.

How does it work ?

Fill this form and send us a link to the mobile phone available at a lower price, or send us the address of the shop selling it for a price lower than this, and after verifying it we will pay the difference in cash through your preferred payment method. If we’re selling a phone here for Rs. 60,000 and you find it for Rs. 52,000, we will pay you an amount greater than Rs. 8000 to make this the best offer there is for the phone.

If you want to place the order urgently, then simply give us a call and we will get back to you.


  1. The phone must be the exact same model i.e. the brand, specs, ram, warranty, etc. must all be the same.
  2. It is only applicable to new, pin packed phones.
  3. You must buy the phone from us in order to be eligible for the cash reward.
  4. The phone with lower price must not be on any kind of sale or promotion.
  5. You can only file a cash back while buying from us. Once you have bought the phone, and the phone is delivered to you ,you can claim the offer within 3 days.