Dawlance 3 cu ft (9101) Price in Pakistan

Dawlance 3 cu ft (9101)

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Dawlance 3 cu ft (9101) is available in Pakistan at the price of Rs.22,999.

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Who is the Dawlance 9101 3 cu ft for?

The new Dawlance mini fridge is the perfect added attraction to your bedrooms that comes in vibrant colors of red-black and silver-black. The mini fridge not only comes in a modern innovative design to add to your bedroom’s aesthetic appeal but also comes with convenience. The mini fridge is particularly useful for urban dwellers who live by themselves in apartments as well as student dorm rooms, flats, offices, motels, and hotels.

Advantages of Dawlance 3 cubic feet fridge

The mini fridge offers several advantages as it is lightweight and can be easily moved to numerous places by one person, hence making life easier for those who travel or move often. This compact fridge does not take up a lot of space-the lightweight mini fridge model can be easily positioned in the most confined areas, leaving you with ample room to fit in other kitchen appliances and furniture. It provides a good solution if one needs counter-height refrigerators and freezer accessibility as this mini fridge can easily fit under a countertop or office desk, easily be concealed in the corner of your room.

Your personal mini fridge

Whether it is in your office or bedroom, you can use your personal mini fridge to store your snacks and beverages near you without having to take long distances to the kitchen. You can also place the mini fridge in your entertainment room and set up a mini bar to store beverages, impressing your guests. Moreover, it is the perfect solution to storing home-made healthy and hygienic lunch at work, saving you the hassle of ordering in lunch every day, saving useless expenses on beverages and snacks from the vending machine and also having a greater variety of food to eat for lunch and goodies to snack on in your fridge.

The mini fridge is equipped with a variety of features, modern components and latest energy-saving technology that will save on your electricity bill Hence, it is a very economical and useful appliance that will keep your food cool and stored well, so you need not worry about food spoilage even under power outages.

Dawlance 3 cu ft (9101) Price in Pakistan by Variants

Dawlance 3 cu ft (9101) Price in Pakistan starts from Rs.22999. You can buy Dawlance 3 cu ft (9101) with the lowest price of Rs. 22999 from ShopHive which is 1% cheaper than the Dawlance 3 cu ft (9101) sold by HomeShopping for Rs. 23,399.

Dawlance 3 cu ft (9101) 3 CU.FT. Red Rs. 22,999 ShopHive
Dawlance 3 cu ft (9101) 3 CU.FT. Red Rs. 23,399 HomeShopping
Dawlance 3 cu ft (9101) Price in Pakistan Rs. 22,999 ShopHive

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