Electrolux 15 cu ft (SER9615)

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  • 14 cu ft|380 ltrs Capacity
  • 1 Year Parts, 10 Years Compressor Warranty

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Electrolux's SER9615 Glass Door Refrigerator's price in Pakistan is ranging between 50 – 55 Thousand Pakistani Rupees. Electrolux is a well-reputed and its a growing brand across the country. The Fridge is 15 Cubic Feet and its glass door gives an exquisite finishing look to the refrigerator which goes definitely well with your kitchen environment.

  • Glassdoor
  • Eco-friendly
  • R-600 A Refrigerant
  • Stabilizer Free
  • Less Energy Consumption
  • 4 Sided Cooling
  • Cooling retention
  • Scratch Resistant


Hailing from the Electrolux Glass Door series the SER9615 comes as an eco-friendly refrigerator solution for the customers of Electrolux. Its delicate body is scratch-resistant, definitely, it had to be looking at the glass front that the fridge is highly known for. At 50K, the 4 sided cooling technology infused in the refrigerator manufacturing is capable of keeping 1-hour icing technology for you. Whereas the retention for cooling is high up to 24 hours. So in layman's terms, it lives up to all your cooling expectations.  What makes it stand out is the eco-friendliness. Less power consumption saves you certainly plenty of money when you lay your eye on the utility bills. Moreover, with its ability to cope with less consumption of electric current it doesn't require a stabilizer. Of course, stabilizers used to be a basic need with the refrigerator. But with modern-day inventions, it is going obsolete.


R600A Refrigerant:

The R600 A Refrigerant is a better option to use in the refrigerator technologies as compared to R12, R13a and etc. R600a Refrigerants are growing in fame these days due to their impacts on the environment and their thermodynamic performance in refrigerators. SER9615 is designed to serving you as well as serving the environment with less harmful refrigerants. 

I believe Electrolux SER9615 is an option to look forward when you are replacing or looking for a new fridge for your home. 

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Electrolux 15 cu ft (SER9615) is available at the price of Rs.53,000 It has 14 cu ft|380 ltrs capacity.Electrolux 15 cu ft (SER9615) comes with a 1 Year Parts, 10 Years Compressor warranty period.

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