Haier 10 cu ft E star Series (HRF246EC)

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  • 10 cu ft|285 ltrs Capacity
  • 3 years Warranty

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Get yourself a Haier 10 cu ft (HRF-246 ECS/ECD)

The Haier Group is a Chinese collective multinational consumer electronics company and home of the appliances that not only make your home appealing but an oasis and perfect to live in. The team has designed, developed, manufactured and is now selling products such as air conditioners, mobiles, computers, washing machines, televisions and state-of-the-art refrigerators

You may or may not know this but Haier has proved itself to have one of the world’s largest market shares for major appliances. It is usually the first option for electronic consumers go for and so should you.

Why a Haier Refrigerator

Refrigerator, no doubt, is a huge investment that needs to be put into a lot of consideration. Everybody wants to make sure they put their money on the safest bet in the electronic market. With the summer season on the peak, the time is ripe and in fact perfect to invest in an all-purpose GREE refrigerator. The Haier electronics price list doesn’t go too heavy on the common pocket and only focuses on making your life easy.

Haier is best known for its highly economical and best quality consumer electronics products which include the new E-star Haier refrigerator series and the HRF. Haier refrigerators could prove to be the best pick for consumers that are looking to purchase a brand within a set budget and with GREE at PriceOye you can easily find fridges with capacities as low as 4.5 cubic feet by Haier in Pakistan.


The new Haier HRF-246 ECS is well known for saving energy up to 55% resulting in a reduced monthly bill. Moreover the 5 way cooling system maintains a long cooling retention for foods that go stale quickly.

With a 125V-260V wide voltage tech, you don’t have to install a stabilizer and the operation is free of cost. The freezer, on the other hand, provides a -25 degree deep cooling which easily retains the temperature for a longer period, making the water more solid.

You don’t have to worry about load shedding and unforeseen power shut downs either since the 100 hours of cooling retention saves your items from ruin.  

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Haier 10 cu ft E star Series (HRF246EC) is available at the price of Rs.41,399 It has 10 cu ft|285 ltrs capacity.Haier 10 cu ft E star Series (HRF246EC) comes with a 3 years warranty period.

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