Haier 11 cu ft Turbo Cooling Series (HRF336TD)

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  • 11 cu ft|306 ltrs Capacity
  • 1 year Warranty

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Advantages of Haier 11 cu ft (HRF-336 TDC)

Conventional technology:

Conventional refrigerator works at a constant speed. The model HRF-336 maintains the excellent speed which is required to keep your food fresh and healthy.

Stabilizer free operation:

The model (HRF-336 TDC) takes care of voltage fluctuations. It offers wide voltage tech that protects your refrigerator in the event of power failure. Also, there is no need for a separate compressor.

Deep Cooling:

HRF-336 EPC-EPB-EPR comes with -25 degree deep cooling feature that helps you to store food for 50% longer period than the competitor.

Crystal glass door:

Gone are the days when people used to buy traditional household appliances. Haier E-series refrigerators offer sleek and shiny glass doors that enhance the look of your home while fulfilling other basic needs.

High efficient and less bill:

Haier refrigerator is the best example of perfection as it is particularly designed to save your electricity bills. It has been made to ensure the fast cooling function.

Good capacity:

This refrigerator offers good storage capacity and is perfect for big family.

Easy cleaning:

The crystal door refrigerators are easy to clean. You just need to take a damp cloth to wipe off the stains inside and outside the refrigerator.


Disadvantages of Haier 11 cu ft (HRF-336 EPC-EPB-EPR)

Regular Maintenance:

Because fingerprints are easily visible on the crystal glass doors, so you have to be careful while dealing with it.

Not suitable for warm places:

Traditionally designed refrigerators can be placed anywhere but the crystal glass refrigerator should be kept at a moderate temperature.

There is a big price difference between traditional type refrigerators and HRF-336.


Inverters or conventional?

Inverter refrigerator offers very slow cooling which is the biggest downside for homeowners. Conventional has the power to freeze immediately and so HRF-336 offers. 


Looking for Haier 336 price in Pakistan?

Founded in 1984, Haier is leading the world with its high-performance home appliances. With ‘socialnomics’ and core competitiveness of performance and trust, the brand has become an IoT leader.

Tired of your old refrigerator that doesn’t cool much and leave your food smelly all over? Get yourself the best Haier HRF-336 model that is equipped with supercooling technology that will maintain the necessary odor of your food and keep them fresh much longer.

HRF-336 offers good capacity and a number of compartments that can help you store more food at once.

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Haier 11 cu ft Turbo Cooling Series (HRF336TD) is available at the price of Rs.51,650 It has 11 cu ft|306 ltrs capacity.Haier 11 cu ft Turbo Cooling Series (HRF336TD) comes with a 1 year warranty period.

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