Haier 12 cu ft E star Series (HRF368EB)

iShopping Price Rs.46,000
Default Specs
  • 12 cu ft|338 ltrs Capacity
  • 1 year parts, 10 years compressor Warranty

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Haier is a well-known company nowadays. It has made its mark in the new era and growing even faster. It has opened thousands of its branches throughout the world and gained millions of customers. Its productivity is admirable. It utilizes the latest technology to its utmost usage and makes products for us which would make our life easier. Its motto is to inspire people through its products and is doing so. It has gained popularity over a short span of time due to its quality products. It put its customer on top priority and facilitates them with its innovative air conditioners, refrigerators, and various other products.

Major Features:

-Full Electric Solution

-Deep cooling

-More storage space

-LED front light

-Stabilized voltage fluctuations

-Rapid freeze

What’s Different in it?

Well, this model of refrigerator distinguishes itself with its wide range of voltage stability. It has a Full Electric Solution. Now it doesn’t matter If your electricity meter is not working properly or there is a problem with the grid station. Your refrigerator will keep your food fresh and healthy. The freezer is quite efficient and keeps your frozen products preserved for as long as 100 hours even without any supply of electricity. It works on the principle of Direct cooling and cools down the temperature within minutes. It also has 3 spacious racks to fit in all your grocery and stuff. Along with three shelves, it has three door racks as well to keep your food sorted.

What is Deep Cooling?

This model keeps your food fresh and healthy with the phenomenon of deep cooling. It has a strong freezer which can freeze your food up to -25 degrees. It will chill your drinks and beverages within seconds and keeps your frozen products safe for longer durations of time. With its Direct Cooling technology, its vent directly sends the cold air on the food for an estimated period of time to keep it fresh. It has multiple vents on the shelves and its freezer works on the principle of rapid freezing.

Is it Energy-Efficient?

It is Energy efficient. It can lessen your electricity bills up to 30%. It also has an LED light which will illuminate every corner of your fridge and also save money. Its compressor has an energy-efficient motor which is quite reliable than any other conventional refrigerator. It also has a 10-year warranty.


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Haier 12 cu ft E star Series (HRF368EB) is available at the price of Rs.46,000 It has 12 cu ft|338 ltrs capacity.Haier 12 cu ft E star Series (HRF368EB) comes with a 1 year parts, 10 years compressor warranty period.

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