Haier 12 cu ft Turbo Cooling Series (HRF368TD) Price in Pakistan

Haier 12 cu ft Turbo Cooling Series (HRF368TD)

Rs.54,099 @Symbios
Retail Price: Rs. 55,350

Key Features

  • 12 cu ft|338 ltrs Capacity
  • 1 year Warranty

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Haier 12 cu ft Turbo Cooling Series (HRF368TD) is available in Pakistan at the price of Rs.54,099. It has 12 cu ft|338 ltrs capacity.Haier 12 cu ft Turbo Cooling Series (HRF368TD) comes with a 1 year warranty period.

FAQS: Haier 12 cu ft Turbo Cooling Series (HRF368TD)

Are you in search of a refrigerator that blends well into your contemporary indoor room ambiance? If so, then the aesthetically modern Haier HRF-368 TDC refrigerator is an ideal choice!

Sleek & Stylish Structure

The crystal glass exterior of Haier HRF-368 TDC refrigerator sets new standards of class and luxury. Its futuristic design adds a tint of style and glamour to your interiors.

Measuring 1575 mm in height and 660 mm in width, the refrigerator is tall and narrow. Despite having a slender structure, HRF-368 TDC refrigerator is unbelievably spacious.

With a depth of 610 mm and multiple racks & shelves, it can store much more than what seems probable. The refrigerator compartment contains one transparent crisper, three glass shelves, four door-racks, and two egg racks. The freezer, being the smaller segment of the appliance, consists of two shelves and two racks. The net storage capacity offered by the refrigerator is 338 liters.

Haier fridge price in Pakistan is as phenomenal as the storage capacity offered by its refrigerators.  The model HRF-368 TDC is available at an incredibly economical price.

Smart Features

Complying to the needs of the ever-advancing world, Haier has equipped 12 CFT HRF-368 TDC  refrigerator with a digital panel. The LED electronic touch control makes operation easy and convenient.

Being a smart refrigerator, Haier HRF-368 TDC comes with door-lock technology. This specific feature is particularly beneficial for a house with toddlers. It keeps the young ones from messing around or spilling drinks.  

Blue Turbo Cooling

Perhaps, what makes the Haier refrigerator price in Pakistan credible and justified is the fact that the performance of their refrigerators never seems to fail us.

The model HRF-368 TDC maintains the legacy and demonstrates excellent performance at low or fluctuating voltages as well. The installation of a powerful compressor allows the refrigerator to cope up with frequent or extended door openings. It provides the fastest balanced cooling while operating at just 220 V/50 Hz!

The Blue Turbo cooling along with UV technology prevents the growth of fungus and bacteria, keeping the fruits and vegetables fresh for long.  Its 1hour Icing technology allows the temperature in the freezing compartment to drop down from 43°C to 0°C within 60 minutes.

Furthermore, in case of power failure, the refrigerator retains the freshness and flavors of the food for more than 4days.

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Haier 12 cu ft Turbo Cooling Series (HRF368TD) Price in Pakistan starts from Rs.54099. You can buy Haier 12 cu ft Turbo Cooling Series (HRF368TD) with the lowest price of Rs. 54099 from Symbios which is 31% cheaper than the Haier 12 cu ft Turbo Cooling Series (HRF368TD) sold by GoTo for Rs. 78,645. You can also buy it from Mega,Telemart and HomeShopping

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