Haier 9 cu ft (HRF-276EPC/EPB/EPR) Price in Pakistan

Haier 9 cu ft (HRF-276EPC/EPB/EPR)

Rs.42,999 @Telemart

Key Features

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Haier 9 cu ft (HRF-276EPC/EPB/EPR) is available in Pakistan at the price of Rs.42,999.

FAQS: Haier 9 cu ft (HRF-276EPC/EPB/EPR)

Haier's HRF-276 EPC-EPB-EPR is 9 Cubic Feet Refrigerator due to its launch on the 20th July. The HRF-276 varies in three different models, namely the EPC – EPB and the EPR.

  • Direct Cooling on offer.
  • Right door hinge
  • Refrigerator Temperature 5 C
  • Freezer Temperature -25 C
  • Door lock
  • Lighting


  • Stabilizer free refrigerator as it operates in between 125V – 260V in any electric condition.
  • Experience the newer cooling means as the lowest cooling temperature in HRF – 276EPC is -25 degrees deep.
  • Manual defrosting is one of the key features that go with the refrigerator.
  • Warranty is certainly a factor that plays a role in our preference on a refrigerator. It comes under a warranty lasting up to 10 years.
  • In case of power cuts, this refrigerator retains the cooling up to 100 hours.


Food Shelves & Deodorization:

The 9 Cubic Feet refrigerator has sliding food shelves which make things spacious in terms of storage, as well as the loading and unloading of the food in the fridge. Meanwhile, the odor is a commonly encountered problem in the refrigerators. Haier exterminates the odor and provides deodorization via deodorization accelerant. Clearly, it is not just the unique external layout but also what's within that matters to Haier.


Cooling Fan & Freezing Storage:

In order to accelerate the cooling in order to avoid moisture in the compartments of the refrigerator, Fast Cooling Fan has been introduced as an essential part of the appliance. Freezing storage compartment helps in prolonging food storage. If you require food for longer terms than preserving it in the freezing storage compartment is quite essential. For example, they state meat can be stored from 4 to 9 months and it will stay edible till then.

Haier has definitely worked upon devising an appliance that is efficient enough in preserving food and fulfilling all the refrigerator needs in a sufficient budget. Clearly being stabilizer free is what makes things much easier and fall in place. After all-electric consumption is a major factor in picking ourselves the best appliance. 

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Haier 9 cu ft (HRF-276EPC/EPB/EPR) Price in Pakistan starts from Rs.42999. You can buy Haier 9 cu ft (HRF-276EPC/EPB/EPR) with the lowest price of Rs. 42999 from Telemart which is 1% cheaper than the Haier 9 cu ft (HRF-276EPC/EPB/EPR) sold by HomeShopping for Rs. 43,507. You can also buy it from and Telemart

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