PEL 10 cu ft Inverteron Refrigerator (PRINVO6250)

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  • 10 cu ft|300 ltrs Capacity
  • 1 year Warranty

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Bringing to you the visually stunning refrigerator with a Cool Blast Technology that provides an extra 20% cooling. PEL has been one of the most trusted brands in Pakistan, with its appliances making rounds all around the market has launched yet another innovative and lowest startup voltage refrigerator. The PEL 10 6250 comes with an Inverteon technology supported by the Brushless DC Motor compressor preventing the energy losses and making it to have the world’s lowest startup voltage of just 110v.

At a time where the electricity bill is going over the roof, the PEL 10 6250 saves the electricity consumption of your house. The refrigerator comprises of everything that guarantees for a longer life starting from the purest copper that prevents the condenser from rust, allowing it to enhance the cooling performance to tougher shelves that can withstand heavyweights.

The Capacity of PEL 10 6250

The fridge not only comes with a stunning design, but it has an internal capacity to provide more value for your money. The total internal capacity comprises 300 Litres with 95 Litres for the freezer and 194 Litres for the refrigerator.

LUMI Fresh Technology

The refrigerator features a LUMI Fresh technology that uses light to keep your vegetables extra fresh.

High-Speed Fan and Fast Freeze

PEL 10 6250 has an in-built high-speed fan that keeps the food cool all day, even if there is a power shortage, you wouldn’t have to worry about your food getting bad. It has ad advanced feature of fast fresh that makes ice instantly in just 25 minutes.

Long term Warranty

The refrigerator has 99.9% pure copper condenser to increase the life of your fridge while adding to its overall cooling performance. You will get a 10-year warranty for the condenser and there is a 3-year warranty for the refrigerator.

General Features of PEL 10 6250

With a defrosting freezer and refrigerator, the PEL 6250 has an efficient electro-mechanical temperature control installed. The height of the refrigerator is 1555mm along with the width of 668mm and depth of 762mm. The net weight is 53 kg while the average for the PEL refrigerator price in Pakistan 2019 is starting from Rs. 42,000 to Rs. 46,000.

The PEL 10 6250 is an amazing refrigerator for its price, with an added benefit of power consumption.

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PEL 10 cu ft Inverteron Refrigerator (PRINVO6250) is available at the price of Rs.53,964 It has 10 cu ft|300 ltrs capacity.PEL 10 cu ft Inverteron Refrigerator (PRINVO6250) comes with a 1 year warranty period.

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