PEL 13 cu ft Glass Door Refrigerator (PRGD20190)

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Default Specs
  • 13 cu ft|367 ltrs Capacity
  • 10 years compressor warranty Warranty

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PEL is a well-known brand these days. It has served us for many years with its reliable products. The major motto of this company is to make our life easier. It has progressed with the passage of time and provided us with its new technologies and products. Its innovation is admirable. It has given us the best refrigerators. The features PEL refrigerator model 150 are given as follow:

Major Features:

- Energy saving

- Advance Plastic

- LUMI Fresh 

- Fast Freeze

-  Deodorizer

- Advance Cooling fan

- Attractive Curved Glass Door

What is Advanced cooling fan?

Advanced Cooling fan is basically designed in such a way that it can circulate the air around every nook and corner of the refrigerator. It allows the air to pass over the food from different directions and keep it fresh and healthy. The advanced cooling fan allows rapid cooling and is much faster than other conventional refrigerators. Its output is approximately 25% more than those conventional models. This rapid cooling keeps your frozen products preserved and secure for longer durations. It will also eradicate the bacteria by rapid change in temperatures which they cannot tolerate. Food preserving is the basic task of any refrigerator which has been boosted by this advanced cooling fan. Air circulation through vents which allow the food to remain hydrated and hygienic. It is also energy saving as it does not put on much stress on the compressor for the change in temperature.

Is Glass Door safe for daily use?

Well, of course, this attractive curved glass is totally safe for daily routine us. It is made up of hard glass which cannot be broken easily. The Curve was important to save you from minor hand cuts and accidents. It is designed in such a way that it attracts the attention of people. The first thing they do after entering your kitchen might be appreciating your refrigerator. It is elegantly designed to fit right with your kitchen accessories and it is totally safe for daily use.

Is it Energy-Efficient?

Its compressor is made up of pure copper which reduces your utility bills several folds. It is designed for long term usage with minimum utilization of energy. It can also work at low voltages which is quite handy. Even if you provide it with 100 volts, its freezer will be able to make ice. It also uses LUMI technology to keep food hydrated and fresh by using light. Though, it uses light but still is energy efficient than any other conventional refrigerator.


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PEL 13 cu ft Glass Door Refrigerator (PRGD20190) is available at the price of Rs.69,777 It has 13 cu ft|367 ltrs capacity.PEL 13 cu ft Glass Door Refrigerator (PRGD20190) comes with a 10 years compressor warranty warranty period.

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