PEL 4 cu ft Life Refrigerator (PRL-1100) Price in Pakistan

PEL 4 cu ft Life Refrigerator (PRL-1100)

Rs.20,637 @iShopping



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PEL 4 cu ft Life Refrigerator (PRL-1100) is available in Pakistan at the price of Rs.20,637.

FAQS: PEL 4 cu ft Life Refrigerator (PRL-1100)

Pel’s one among the leading brands when it comes to Electrical Appliances. Their appliances are often found in every house nearly. The 4 Cubic Feet refrigerator by PEL is due to its launch on the 15th of July, 2019. It comes with 1-year warranty but you know since the name is PEL you won't be finding any failure in this product's engineering.

Pel's life price in Pakistan is affordable ranging amid 20-30 thousand Pakistani Rupees.

  • 100 Watt Power Consumption.
  • 0.75 Current Consumption
  • Tropical Climate Class
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Manual Defrosting Freezer.
  • Manual Defrosting Refrigerator.
  • Mechanical Temperature Control.
  • Crispo Tray
  • R-134a Refrigerant.
  • D.Roll Bond Evaporator.
  • Interior Lighting
  • Copper Condenser.


PEL's life 1100 refrigerator comes from the Pel's Life series of refrigerators. This one is special as it occupies lesser space and volume than the rest. Pel's 1100 Life is no ordinary refrigerator, it is spacious enough to hold up a place within a bedroom. 

Empowered with R-134a Refrigerant hailing from the HFC refrigerant range has been widely famous among the masses. Ever since people came to know of CFC/HCFC affecting and damaging the ozone layer. 

Copper condensers are being used in AC/Refrigerator as they are capable of more heat transfer as compared to the Aluminum condensers. Which means copper condensers can cool quicker than the aluminum. Comes with Mechanical Temperature Control and Interior Lighting with Manual defrosting Pel's life 1100 has all that a regular refrigerator has in an offer to the consumers. With manual defrosting the freezer requires 40% less electricity than the no-frost models. That makes it sufficient enough. 

If you are who seek own assistance in defrosting, controlling temperature and require a conventional refrigerator with evenly cooling then Pel’s life 1100 sits at the right price for you. Available easily all across the country.

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PEL 4 cu ft Life Refrigerator (PRL-1100) Price in Pakistan starts from Rs.20637. You can buy PEL 4 cu ft Life Refrigerator (PRL-1100) with the lowest price of Rs. 20637 from iShopping which is 23% cheaper than the PEL 4 cu ft Life Refrigerator (PRL-1100) sold by myGerrys for Rs. 27,000.

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