PEL 7 cu ft Aspire Refrigerator (PRAS2100)

Default Specs
  • 7 cu ft|215 ltrs Capacity
  • 1 year Warranty


PEL a countrywide famous home appliance brand has launched its PRAS series of refrigerators. The PRAS refrigerator range has various models and all different sizes. PRAS 2100 is a 6 Cubic Feet, that is for those who are searching for smaller refrigerators that work just as good as any other but occupies lesser space. 

  • Top Mount Refrigerator
  • Capacity is 215 Ltrs
  • 125 Watt Power Consumption
  • Manual Defrosting
  • Direct Cooling Technology
  • Low Voltage Start
  • LED Lights
  • Energy Efficient
  • Air Lock Crispo Tray
  • Double-Sided Roll Bond Evaporator
  • Anti Fungal Gas Kit
  • Thicker Door Insulation

PRAS-2100 is no ordinary refrigerator as it supports its start at lower voltage compared to the rest of its competitors. The 6 cubic feet refrigerator has lesser power consumption and excellent performance that is enhanced with the aim of PEL to manufacture a product that is energy efficient and suffices refrigerator needs of the consumers; 

With low voltage start the refrigerator does well in coping with fluctuations in voltage and no lack in performance shows how well the refrigerator has been built by the manufacturer.

The LED Lights provide a fascinating look to the interior of the Fridge as well as accentuate the entire luster of these 6 cubic feet of the refrigerator that PEL calls as its marvel. For the prevention of food catching fungi, PEL has made sure using the advanced anti-fungal gas kit in their PRAS-2100 design and manufacturing. So you don't have to worry that much about the fungus staling the edibles in your fridge. 

Other than all the aforementioned, PRAS-2100 includes an airlock tray (Crispo). In such a price range, I don't think anything topping this. Currently, the refrigerator has gone out of stock and no further manufacturing has been observed as of late.

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PEL 7 cu ft Aspire Refrigerator (PRAS2100) is available at the price of Rs.37000 It has 7 cu ft|215 ltrs capacity.PEL 7 cu ft Aspire Refrigerator (PRAS2100) comes with a 1 year warranty period.

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