Pel 8 cu ft Desire Glass Door Refrigerator (PRGD2200)

GoTo Price Rs.36,000
Default Specs
  • 8 cu ft|194 ltrs Capacity
  • 10 years compressor warranty Warranty

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Appliance for a Better Lifestyle!

Aiming for a tremendously cost-effective refrigerator, which contributes to your kitchen’s simplicity and style? You should then choose PEL PRGD 2200.

PEL is the leading manufacturer of electrical appliances, which not only delivers efficient performance but also contributes to energy saving. The fridge is designed for a long time to keep the food cool and healthy while its body is made from food-friendly plastic. In comparison with other PEL refrigerators currently in Pakistan, the price range is much economical as it is ranging from PKR 25,000 to PKR 30,000.

It Is All About The Amazing Features!

Japanese Technology Compressor

This refrigerator is the ultimate example of elegance, made by state-of-the-art Japanese innovators. PRGD 2200 provides sophisticated cooling and more storage space for meals of various forms and proportions. There is improved temperature control in light of ecological circumstances, including the construction of storage rooms without affecting the cooler, protecting flavors. This PEL refrigerator features built-in technology to deliver maximum effectiveness. Testing was conducted by and was found 10% more effective than other refrigerators.

LVS & SEC Functions

Besides these, PEL also has a Low Voltage Start function and Smart Eco Control function. These new technologies guarantee that the fridge provides the same cooling quality without using huge power supplies. The customer has lower numbers on bills without affecting the fridge’s overall efficiency! Meanwhile, its thick insulation makes the device cool for a longer time.

Fresh, Aromatic Food

The light from the LUMI Fresh LED keeps your food fresh and aromatic in the fridge. A unique Palladium–Carbon deodorizer slows food deterioration and removes unwanted aromas. Also, the purest copper tubes handle larger pressure differences better than plastic thus increasing the product’s durability and sturdiness.

It is finally the right time that your outdated appliances must be thrown out and a new PEL refrigerator must be brought home; loaded with innovative, supercooling techniques that enable you to preserve your food fresh and healthy.

The 7-ft3 PEL PRGD 2200 is an outstanding, economical alternative for small-sized households. Remember that the health of your family lies above all, that is why your home needs PEL PRGD 2200!

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Pel 8 cu ft Desire Glass Door Refrigerator (PRGD2200) is available at the price of Rs.36,000 It has 8 cu ft|194 ltrs capacity.Pel 8 cu ft Desire Glass Door Refrigerator (PRGD2200) comes with a 10 years compressor warranty warranty period.

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