Lenovo is one of the biggest technology companies of the world. They are the world’s biggest personal computer company by sales, and the second biggest smartphone brand in China. Since 2013-2014, the Chinese company has really stepped up its phone game. They have been launching phones for all price brackets and customers, and they’re improving them year-by-year bringing them closer to brands like Samsung, Huawei and LG. 

In Pakistan, Lenovo phones are marketed rather heavily, yet they aren’t selling as much (anecdotally speaking). When people think of budget phones, they think of the Samsung J series, or offerings from QMobile, Infinix, and Huawei. Lenovo is yet to penetrate into the mainstream of budget phones in Pakistan.

We do strongly believe you should consider Lenovo phones when you’re buying a budget phone. For high-end phones, we believe you’ll better off with a Samsung, or Google phone, at least until Lenovo’s software and hardware reaches that level which will take some time.