Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Duos

Rs. 25,999
Default Specs
  • 5.7 inches Display
  • 4 GB RAM RAM
  • 3000 Mah Battery
  • 16 MP Back Camera

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Samsung and phablets have always been the best of friends. Infact, the first phablet we’ve personally tested is the Galaxy Note itself. The Note series has received worldwide acclaim because it brought a new kind of breed to the users. A breed accepted like a fast spreading religion by millions of businessmen, corporate officials, teachers and students alike. This ensured that Samsung kept on going and after the tremendous success of the Galaxy Note4, the company shifted gears and has landed the Samsung Galaxy Note5 Duos in town.

The Note series, to many people, is even better than the S series. Its ability to house so much under one roof including the much loved stylus make it a darling to many people. The Note4 was love and a special nucleus of attention because of its graceful leather back and aluminium frame. Samsung decided that enough was enough with the leather backs and went for a S6-esque design with the Note5 Duos which capitalizes more on glass.

There isn’t a gulf of difference between the Note5 Duos and the Note4 with the only noticeable differences being that the Note5 has 4GB of RAM compared to the Note4’s 3GB and the Note5 has an improved 5 megapixels front facing selfie camera whereas the Note4 has a 3.7 megapixel sensor. The display sizes, the 515 ppi pixel densities, display resolution and performance all are as identical as twins.

One more significant difference between the Note5 Duos and its predecessor is that it comes in 32/64GB internal storage variants without a card slot. This is more of a good news as 32 gigs of internal memory is what most people in the world cry out loud for (ask Apple fans who cannot afford 64GB models).

The internal storage brings us to the end of our review of the Note5 Duos. Its specifications and skillful design should be enough to convince you by now if its price isn’t a stumbling block. The phone is a multipurpose assistant which has done commendably ever since its release and it definitely has done its part to make more people fall in love with phablets.

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