Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos

Rs. 52,900
Default Specs
  • 5.1 inches Display
  • 3 GB RAM RAM
  • 2550 Mah Battery
  • 16 MP Back Camera

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We all know what Samsung is and what it has managed to accomplish since its inception. The most valuable smartphone company, only recently usurped by Apple, is a revolutionary manufacturer which has done its fair share of good in bringing these little assistants to the masses. The S series is its flagbearer and the company uses a good deal of its resources in making the S series, the most sought after smartphones in the world. The Galaxy S6 Duos is by far, the best S series smartphone we’ve ever seen.

The Galaxy S5 was a major disappointment. Coupling with the tremendous amount of success of its direct rival, the iPhone 6 and its rather monotonous set of features, the Galaxy S5 was disheartening for every Samsung boy out there as it did not really offer something different than the Galaxy S4. That quickly became forgotten when the Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos was made available for grabs. What a way to make amends to a flop flagship indeed.

The Galaxy S6 Duos has an amazing body and design. Although the S series has kept the same template throughout its releases, the S6 Duos gives it a different and better look. Its excellent glass frame, gorgeous display, powerful processor and all of it within 6.9mm of width is commendable to say the least. The display is by far Samsung’s best only rivaled by the Note4 and Note5.

The cameras have always been a feather in Samsung’s cap and the S6 Duos did not disappoint either with two sumptuous camera sensors that have got photography on both sides well and truly covered. The only criticism the S6 Duos has received is that its body color tends to come off from its bulging primary camera. So getting a cover for it as soon as you purchase it will indeed be a wise decision.

This in no way implies that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Duos is a no go. The smartphone is Samsung’s best shot yet and has done very well in rivalling the iPhone 6. It has done more than enough to make us proud and is one of our strongest recommendations to go for! Just don’t even blink an eye.

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Rai Khan
This phone is a real beauty packing some really capable hardware.
Imran Muhammad

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