Samsung Galaxy S7 Dual SIM

Rs. 48,706
Default Specs
  • 5.1 inches Display
  • 4 GB RAM RAM
  • 3000 Mah Battery
  • 12 MP Back Camera

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Year after year the world gets to see flagships refined and made into better smartphones than before. Sometimes, the difference becomes really large between the successor and predecessor as was the case between the iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 but in many cases, there isn’t much to separate the new one from the old. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Dual SIM and the Samsung Galaxy S6 mirrors this convention.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Dual SIM and the Galaxy S6 are similar when it comes to their specifications and design. The Galaxy S6 might be a little bit better than the S7 which might comes as a shock for you. Although the difference between their specifications is as thin as a razor blade, overall the S7 Dual SIM edge's out the S6.

The Galaxy S7 can be called a disappointing increment to its successor despite the enormous package of specs it offers. It is partly down to the reason that Samsung didn’t really improve the S6. This is because the S6 stood at 6.9mm width whereas the Galaxy S7 is a thicker 7.9mm wider. You definitely would’ve expected the S7’s waist going downhill didn’t you?

The Galaxy S7 does offer an even better camera though. The introduction of dual pixel technology has further enhanced its reputation as one of the world’s finest cameras. Both the front and back cameras are sure to provide excellent photography which gives a strong reason to smile!

Another two things that make the Samsung S7 better than the S6 are its Quad-core processors and an additive 4GB of RAM. Otherwise, both offer somewhat similar lag free performances and the S6 can also be upgraded to the latest Android Marshmallow which comes in built-in the Galaxy S7 Edge.

Despite of all we’ve mentioned previously, we in no way are calling for the head of the Galaxy S7 Dual SIM. It might not be the blockbuster upgrade to the S6 but it definitely is an excellent smartphone that can and should be trusted for a long term companionship.

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Yaseen Haroon
if anybody selling this phone in Lahore tell me
Butt Hina
whats the difference between pro and explorer edition?

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