PEL 20 cu ft Arctic Refrigerator (PRA160)

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The recent addition to the PEL Arctic Series, the 20 cubic feet PRA 160 refrigerator has gathered massive positive feedback almost instantly. This top mount PEL refrigerator model 160 has a wide capacity of 420 liters.

Perhaps, the factor responsible for such immense popularity is the refrigerator’s compact and modern design. Most of the Pakistani consumers reside in smaller living spaces, which makes PEL refrigerator model 160 an ideal choice!

Energy Efficient

PEL has installed this newest model with a high-quality inverter compressor that adjusts cooling strength in fluctuating electricity load. Thus, saving electricity while protecting the fridge against damage.

With the country encountering frequent power break downs, anyone would like a refrigerator that can handle the situation automatically and prevent a tremendous electricity bill from building up!

Even more, the PEL refrigerator model 160 contains R-134a CFC gas, which is not detrimental to the atmosphere and ozone layer. Hence, making the product an environment-friendly device too.

High- Quality Cooling

Apart from the powerful compressor, the PEL refrigerator model 160 is designed using thicker door insulation, which retains the coolness for a long time. 

Also, the installation of the double-sided roll bond evaporator enhances the cooling system and allows it to function perfectly in higher temperatures.

Previously, masses of users rose with a common problem that was being unable to retain the freshness of raw food materials like fruits and vegetables. Fortunately, PEL has introduced various new features in the model 160 that resolves this matter with relevant ease.

The humidity control facility of different refrigerator sections helps preserve the water vapors for elongating the freshness. Also, a recent technology of vitamin kit in Crispo fresher tray produces and spreads a layer of vitamin C to encapsulate the food’s freshness.

Healthier Lifestyle

An energy saving and environment-friendly refrigerator with an exceptional cooling system. Doesn't it sound great, does it? But wait, there is even more! With an outstanding Ag+ bacteria buster, PEL refrigerator model 160 prevents germs and bacteria to contaminate the indoor fridge atmosphere. Enjoy a safer and healthier experience with the latest edition of the Arctic series!


General Features
Capacity 20 cu ft|420 ltrs
Dimensions 730 x 1845 x 780
Type Top Freezer
Door Double Door
warranty 1 year parts, 5 years compressor

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