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Reviews of Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Asad Inayat
Great purchase, happily upgraded to iPhone 11 pro max and I
Badar Wasim
Beautiful Beast
Nauman Shahnawaz
Very Responsive Iphone Give Quick Response
Reza Mustansar
After Apple announced this latest model, I was far from impressed. Compared to the X that this would be replacing, it seemed like a very mild update, and not worth the entry price! However on actual use of this phone, it just shows that all the little improvements taken TOGETHER add up to a brilliant update. First off this just seems much quicker in use, from FaceID unlock to opening apps and swiping, there is no hesitation. I went for the new Forest Green colour also, which is also very nice. The phone feels nice in the hand. Now for
As_____ Ali
Nice phone but expensice