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Reviews of Oppo R15 Pro

Khan Raza
With this price, would prefer Oneplus 6 or Huawei P20
Sultan Asad
I'm loving the camera which is very friendly for every user. The recorded video quality and sound quality is very good.
Habib Behroze
flagship? using a mid range spec...and no type c ARE U KIDDING ME!
Abdullah Ehsan
I've been using one for five months, Battery lasts all day with heavy music and video streaming, constant social media and browsing and i dont need to charge it until I go to bed, so the battery is fine, the screen is gorgeous, Notch is barely noticeable after a few days of use and honestly looks quite cool in my opinion, and it doesnt need a snapdragon S845 to be a decent phone. real world use is important and this phone covers everything wonderfully.
Ridah Jafri
Is it water resistant??