EcoStar 65 Inch 568 Series LED TV (CX65U568P)

iShopping Price Rs.104,900


Default Specs
  • 65 Inches Screen Size
  • 1 Year Official Warranty Warranty

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Advantages of EcoStar 65 Inch U568P:

  • Programmable Sleep Times
  • A Grade Panel
  • Real Color Engine
  • DynaCon
  • Digital Comb Filter
  • Auto Volume Level
  • Auto Power Off
  • Digital Noise Reduction

Disadvantages EcoStar 65 Inch U568P:

  • Standard Remote Control
  • No Wifi built-in
  • No 3D support
  • Only 1 PC input
Does the EcoStar 65 Inch U568P has Motion Engine Processing?

The LED TV is equipped with smart motion engine processing through which you would be able to see the fast-moving objects on the screen in a very smooth and precise manner. This TV is great for people who love to play games and want to watch every moving object with high precision.

Would the LED TV save energy consumption and is eco-friendly?

It is geared up with an energy-saving feature that helps the user to consume much less electricity when compared to other TVs. You will see a notable difference in your electricity bill, even if you are watching your favorite movies in a row.

Does the EcoStar 65 Inch TV come with a digital multimedia controller?

The TV provides for a simpler and user-friendly interface that provides the user with the feasibility to switch from one multimedia to another one.

How many HDMI Inputs are provided in the LED?

Three HDMI inputs are provided in the LED TV so that you can connect multiple devices on your TV and be able to enjoy your content.

What are the video features for the U568P?

The 65 Inch LED features the real color engine along with reflecto-con, nature view, DynaCon, Image Refinery, with Digital comb filter that provides for high-resolution video quality. You will get the perfect balance of the whites and the blacks with every image.

What is the price for Eco Star U568P?

The EcoStar LED TV price in Pakistan is Rs. 104,900.

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EcoStar 65 Inch 568 Series LED TV (CX65U568P) is available at the price of Rs.104,900 It has a 65 Inches screen.EcoStar 65 Inch 568 Series LED TV (CX65U568P) comes with a 1 Year Official Warranty warranty period.

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