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Haier 32 Inch HD Smart LED TV (LE32K6500A)

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  • 32 Inches Screen Size
  • 1 Year Official Warranty Warranty

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Haier is recognized as being the biggest manufacturer of home appliances globally and offers comfort and convenience according to the needs of every home. The brand has certainly earned a reputation on the market with its recent Smart LED TV lineup. Here, we will introduce you to the Haier LED LE32K6500A, which features a high-resolution HD screen and a unique television experience.


Together with the TV, Haier LED runs on Android OS, supporting all the apps: a leisure-packed device enables games, videos, internet, and the whole lot to enjoy in a digitalized world. It has merged the gap between a TV and the PC that makes it a bursting Smart TV. With its real depth and colors, it offers a superb 3D viewing experience. Whatever movie or video you watch, though your screen will offer you a cinematic experience.

Haier’s LED provides unlimited applications while its Android feature enhances the user’s digital product experience. On your Haier 32 inch Smart LED TV (LE32K6500A), you can use any Android app. This Smart TV is particularly recommended for gaming individuals because it allows you to enjoy your video games with great graphics.


Smart Share & Wi-Fi Connect

It comes with integrated wireless internet access that provides the user with easy access to the internet via this TV. The Haier LEDs can be streamed from your smartphones via Wireless Display or Wi-Di technology. You can also run the Haier app on TV and enjoy all your music, videos, and films throughout the web merely by linking the Haier LE32K6500A. You can spend the evenings together with your friend and family by making Haier LED a fusion of music and videos from all over the Internet.



Haier LED TV has an energy-efficient technology designed to save your electricity so that you do not have to pay heavy bills. It has a power button and a standby timer, which switches the TV into power-saving mode when not used constantly. In addition, Haier products are eco-friendly and do not emit any damaging rays which may harm people or the environment.



In Pakistan, the normal cost of Haier LED TV begins from Rs 25,000 to Rs 35,000 and there seem to be a few variations in Haier led 32-inch price in Pakistan 2018 until the present. Wrapping up, we would summarize that this piece of innovation is amazing and provides an outstanding experience, adding the image quality to its cost.

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Haier 32 Inch HD Smart LED TV (LE32K6500A) is available at the price of Rs.30,999 It has a 32 Inches screen.Haier 32 Inch HD Smart LED TV (LE32K6500A) comes with a 1 Year Official Warranty warranty period.

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