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Haier 40 Inch HD LED TV (40K6000)

iShopping Price Rs.32,798


Default Specs
  • 40 Inches Screen Size
  • 1 Year Official Warranty Warranty

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Haier has geared up with its latest quality LED TV, to provide you with the world of entertainment along with the best standard of energy efficiency. You would get to experience the ultimate sound quality with the custom high watt sound output, which is all set to rock your world. The Haier 40 Inch has its goals set to deliver the incredible life-like, dynamic and dramatic pictures to provide you more detail and color information when compared to any other TV. The LED TV offers beautiful deep black colors with a ground-breaking brightness.

The Haier LED TV price in Pakistan ranges Rs. 34,000 to Rs. 40,000, with a 1920x1080 resolution and an HD display. It is all about giving you an entertainment-packed experience and a crisp clear picture.

HD Ready

The Haier 40 Inch LED TV is a high definition television that provides a resolution higher than any of the standard definition television

USB Video

You can enjoy the USB hosts that are provided in the Haier LED to transform your TV instantly into a smart computer. You can enjoy looking at pictures with your family, listen to your favorite music connected directly from your phone and easily see millions of videos that are present in the USB devices.

HDMI Connections

You are given the option of multiple HDMI connections from which you can connect all your entertainment gadgets with the Haier LED and be able to get more entertainment through your TV.

The Auto Volume Leveler

The feature allows you to enjoy watching your favorite shows on your Haier LED K6000 without having to switch the volume then and now while changing the channels or even when there is a commercial break. The volume would be set automatically when there would be any advertisement shown during your programs or when you switch from one channel to another.

4K Resolution

The Haier LED features four times the picture resolution of a 1080 HDTV and it has the ability to upgrade all the content to a near ultra HD quality, bring quality to your shows and programs.

Watching movies on Haier 40 Inch LED is certainly a thrilling experience.

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Haier 40 Inch HD LED TV (40K6000) is available at the price of Rs.32,798 It has a 40 Inches screen.Haier 40 Inch HD LED TV (40K6000) comes with a 1 Year Official Warranty warranty period.

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