Orient 55 Inch 4K LED TV (55SM8000)

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Default Specs
  • 55 Inches Screen Size
  • 1 Year Official Warranty Warranty

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Pros of Orient 55 Inch 4K LED TV
  • It is 4K Opera TV to facilitate your usage.
  •  The screen mirroring is the function of displaying the mobile devices’ screen by the Miracast technology on your 55 inch LED.
  • The compatible device with the screen mirroring can be connected to the Tv directly such as PC, Smartphone. Your large screen can give you a larger display of your device.
  • The dual tuners in the TV will allow the users to either watch Freestat or Freeview.
  • Wifi and ethernet are present in smart TVs for the customers' ease.
  • With the presence of DTH support, 1000 channels are provided.
  • The selective switch is also present.
  • EPG(Electronic Program Guide) is the list of programs that are available for the viewers to know about upcoming programs, or the ongoing programs and a little summary of the programs.
  • The recording capability of PVR (Personal Video Recording) is commendable as it gives the users freedom to rewind, forward, play and pause.
  • Channel-lock is present too if the viewer wants to block something.
  • 2 USB (1 x 3.0 + 1 x 2.0) with audio and video input.
  • The headphone jack is also available.
  • 3 HDMI (1MHL+1ARC)
Cons of Orient 55 Inch 4K LED TV
  • No doubt, Orient Tv Prices turn it to be an expensive choice.
Is buying Orient 55 Inch 4K LED TV a smart choice?

It is purely an option for your pure entertainment. The picture clarity that marks the question between fiction and reality, witnesses the picture resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. You can never stop from being a Tv lover, once you experience the Dolby Digital Sound and vivid and sharp colors.

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Orient 55 Inch 4K LED TV (55SM8000) is available at the price of Rs.85,995 It has a 55 Inches screen.Orient 55 Inch 4K LED TV (55SM8000) comes with a 1 Year Official Warranty warranty period.

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