Samsung 40 Inch HD LED TV (40K5300)

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  • 40 Inches Display
  • 1 Year Official Warranty Warranty

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Don’t think your TV adds a hint of style to your house? Meet the Samsung 40k5300 that will provide you with the freedom to decorate your house the way you want with this gorgeously designed LED TV. Joiii provides for a fun, playful and unique design that can complement any space in your room. It will best fit your luxurious and lavish lifestyle and add more elegance to the interior of your house.

The Samsung 40 Inch LED TV provides a quick and easy way for you to access all your content in just one place by connecting the TV with your favorite apps, online games, videos, and streaming services. Now you wouldn’t have to watch your favorite TV series or movies on a smaller screen.

A Perfect Fit In Your House

This TV doesn’t come with messy wires, unsightly air vents but there will be just one cord on the smooth back that looks amazing anywhere. You can put your Joiii anywhere; on the wall, in the middle of your room, on a stand by your bed. No matter where you place the TV, it will blend beautifully.

Experience the Different Looks with One TV

You get a unique metallic leg set that fit into the built-in holes within seconds. The front ones are a bit longer so that they can be reversed in seconds for a downward tilt. It is just too perfect for a bedtime TV when you just want to cozy up in bed and watch your favorite movie.

All About the Bigger Size

The Samsung LED TV provides a bigger screen on which you will be able to enjoy your photos and fun family videos with your loved ones. You can download the Smart View App, connect it with your TV and just enjoy. No more crowding on your smartphone now.

A Complete Jukebox

For people who love music and always wanted to have their personal jukebox, this TV would cater to your needs. Joiii will provide you with surround sound while all you have to do is to connect your phone with the Bluetooth and just press play on your playlist. 

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Samsung 40 Inch HD LED TV (40K5300) is available at the price of Rs.49,699

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