Samsung 55 Inch Curved 4K HD Smart LED TV (55NU7300)

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  • 55 Inches Screen Size
  • 1 Year Official Warranty Warranty

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Advantages of 55 Inch Samsung 55NU7300:

  • Screen reflection is minimal
  • Design and aesthetic appeal with a good looking stand
  • Upscaling and conversion of the normal standard content to a 4K resolution for the price point
  • Contrast and color dynamics in the front and center of the screen
  • Amazing light flow from the LED edge lights
  • Web browser
  • The on-screen menu system is user-friendly
  • Low input lag in the game mode
  • Great black uniformity
  • Amazing price
  • HDR Premium with Active Crystal Color for the future-proofing

Disadvantages of 55 Inch Samsung 55NU7300:

  • The 60Hz TV judder is apparent with the auto motion is turned off more specifically for a lower    end resolution
  • The 60Hz panel doesn’t capture the 4K quality content really well
  • Auto Motion Plus ‘Telenovela’ effect can be seen on some movie content
  • Side Angle Viewing contrast and the color saturation degrades
How is the picture quality for Samsung 55 inch LED Smart TV?

The picture quality of the Samsung NU7300 is fairly well. There is a good contrast balance that enables the black to look really good in the dark environment, while the gray and black uniformity is good but a bit clouding. It can get bright while displaying the SDR content, but that isn’t really enough to make the HDR content stand out.

Where does the sound quality of 55NU7300 stand?

It has an average sound quality while the TV has above average loudness, it produces clear dialogs and provides a solid bass to the sound. It doesn’t generate any thump or rumble in the sub-bass region, but could produce pumping and compressing under the heavy loads.

What are its smart features?

It is equipped with a limited version of the latest Tizen Smart platform that is also known as Smart Hub. It is very easy to navigate and provides access to the Samsung app store where you can find a number of other android apps.

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Samsung 55 Inch Curved 4K HD Smart LED TV (55NU7300) is available at the price of Rs.144,999 It has a 55 Inches screen.Samsung 55 Inch Curved 4K HD Smart LED TV (55NU7300) comes with a 1 Year Official Warranty warranty period.

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