TCL 40 Inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV (40P62)

Symbios Price Rs.47,499


Default Specs
  • 40 Inches Screen Size
  • 2 Year Official Warranty Warranty

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TCL is yet another elite manufacturer of TVs across Pakistan. They manufacture reliable and well-performing TVs for households and are a growing name in the market. The TCL 40P62 is a 40-inch Ultra HD TV that comes within the price range of 48 Thousand Pakistani Rupees. 

  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Dolby Audio
  • Netflix
  • TV + Playstore
  • YouTube
  • 40-inch Display
  • UHD 3840*2160

With TCL UHD 4K 40P62 you experience unique picture quality along with a high-resolution display that too at an affordable price. TCL aims at bringing to you and for you the best TV experience at a sufficient cost with excellent specifications and features infused within a UHD TV. 

Ultra High Definition:

Ultra High Definition that is commonly known as the UHD is responsible for creating a television experience unlikely to be experienced ever before. The screen displays enthralling details of images, shades, colors in order to offer you an immensely pleasing experience. You can upgrade 2K to 4K from USB via the upscale technology.  Also, Netflix comes as a reliable and entertaining streaming option with wider content available. 

HDR Pro;

With HDR Pro you are empowered to unlock the real potential the TCL TV has on offer. Quality precision and richness are guaranteed courtesy of the High Dynamic Range thus it results in a realistic image as a final product.

Dolby Audio:

You might have heard of the Dolby Audio. It is responsible for provisioning the 5.1 surround sound via Dolby decoder. 

App Store:

App Store's latest version delivers your applications at a wider range. Estimated above 300 applications are at your service. The App Store also includes apps that may enable interaction between the TV and mobile sets.


We all know what YouTube is. It has a wider range of videos that are available to stream. And now you can visit YouTube via your TV screen. How cool is that?


Netflix has with time gained its craze among the masses. Witness the power of today's most powerful streaming site, where you are introduced to high-quality content varying from series to movies. You can find almost anything and everything on Netflix.

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TCL 40 Inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV (40P62) is available at the price of Rs.47,499 It has a 40 Inches screen.TCL 40 Inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV (40P62) comes with a 2 Year Official Warranty warranty period.

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