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Soon, you’ll be able to catch iPhone thief using Touch ID

catch iphone thief in pakistan

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen tremendous additions to the growing arsenal of smartphone features. From dual-lens cameras to QHD displays, from fingerprint sensors to waterproof prowess, technology never ceases to amaze us and it looks like things will only get better in the future.

Apple is a name synonymous with revolution. The Cupertino company’s journey to the very top of the technology world is well documented. When Steve Jobs introduced the first ever iPod to the world, he aimed to keep things simple, smart and sleek while also maintaining their robustness. Did these words ring any bells to you? This is exactly what Apple is doing.

Among numerous revolutionary concepts which Apple have implemented, the fingerprint sensor has an honorable position. Not only does Apple hold the distinction of being one of the first ever companies to offer this functionality in their smartphones (and later in other devices), they’ve done so with finesse and creativity.

Apple calls its fingerprint sensor the Touch ID. Touch ID first made an appearance in one of the most successful iPhones ever, the iPhone 5S. In fact, Touch ID was a major stakeholder in its success as it brought something extremely rare to smartphones. Only Motorola had previously offered such functionality in its flagships in 2011.

We have previously seen numerous failed attempts to mimic the fingerprint sensor technology through various apps but the Touch ID was the first time we got to see the true beauty of this amazing feature. Touch ID aimed to increase a device’s security as your fingerprints are the only thing that have no match. Even two consecutive fingers don’t have the same pattern which is why Apple decided to inculcate this feature into their devices.

Touch ID, at first, was only limited to protection and unlocking your device. Later, newer functionality such as Apple Pay support etc. were added to it to make the Touch ID much more versatile. If the recent reports are to be believed, we could just about see one of the best additions to the Touch ID yet.

A new use for Touch ID

According to some recent reports and reputable leaks, Apple is tightening its stance on iPhone thefts by working on a tweak inside the Touch ID. This tweak is said to record a thief’s fingerprints inside it (provided that the thief tries to use Touch ID) in-case your iPhone gets stolen and aid the authorities in catching the culprit.

This addition could be a welcome feature as iPhone thefts are becoming an increasing trend throughout the world due to their immense sales per annum. It’s still early doors to tell how Apple will implement this feature as every invention faces initial challenges and it isn’t quite clear as to how will the fingerprints reach the authorities as the iPhone would be in the hands of the thief.

One thing is for certain, if Apple does manage to pull this off, it’ll further boost its reputation as one of the most secure smartphone manufacturers in the world and people will further incline towards going for Apple devices in exchange for added security. Especially in countries such as Pakistan, this expected feature is a great cause for celebration and we hope that this tweak gets implemented sooner rather than later for the greater good.

(via Mashable)

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