E-Commerce Site Takes Karachi by Storm with Its Attractive Billboards

With Pakistan finally having emerged from lockdown, the country’s urban city centers have once again become prime targets for creative advertising campaigns.

This year, the sprawling roads of Karachi are decorated with massive billboards promoting a growing consumer electronics marketplace, PriceOye. is an online consumer electronics marketplace that offers mobile phones, accessories, electronics, and small appliances at the lowest prices in the country, with free shipping nationwide.

Targeting the Bustling Roads of Karachi

The company’s ‘PriceOye Trusted Hai’ marketing campaign is currently in full swing, with giant billboards scattered across 21 of Karachi’s most frequented locations including Clifton, Defence, Shahrae Faisal, Saddar, Malir, and Nazimabad. Even the bustling hotspots of University Road, Shafiq Mor, and Rex Roundabout Saddar were among those targeted.

The bright blue boards are hard to miss and the catchy taglines ‘Lowest Prices Guaranteed’ and ‘PriceOye Trusted Hai’ has already begun to pique the curiosity of those passing by. Discussions around the brand have even made their way online, with netizens taking to social media to share their fascination with the roadside displays.

Traditional Marketing in the Digital era

With most of us glued to our mobile screens, modern businesses tend to rely solely on digital marketing campaigns, with billboards having become reserved for big brands only.

However, despite being a relatively small e-commerce platform, PriceOye recognizes the importance of traditional brand visibility and has seized the chance to take its marketing campaign to the streets.

This interest is an extension of the brand’s core mission to provide all Pakistanis with the best deals on consumer electronics. PriceOye doesn’t assume all its potential customers have a strong online presence.

The company provides feature phones, mobile accessories, and low-cost home appliances as well, which are targeted to a low-income demographic that may easily miss out on digital marketing campaigns and online adverts.

PriceOye hopes to extend its reach in the months to come and diversify its marketing campaign to cover all forms of media. If the brand’s current success is anything to go by, we’re hopeful for what’s to come.