What to check before buying a used phone in Pakistan

What mobile phone to buy is already a daunting thought and buying a used phone in Pakistan is no easy job. In fact, it is more difficult than buying a pin-packed phone because there are a lot of scammers out there who could hand you phones that might look genuine but are a copy of a smartphone or are defected. When you are buying a used handset from the local market, there are plenty of unfound glitches that can cause you a lot of problems, after the purchase.

Why Buying a Second-Hand Phone is a Smart Choice?

Buying a used phone in Pakistan in this day and age is a smart choice, as you can see the prices of a good smartphone touching the skies. I mean, come on, no phone is worth your kidney, right?  You can get a nice phone that has a whopping price tag attached to it, in nominal prices can always be taken as a fair deal.


In fact, with the recent regulations of the PTA where your phone needs to be registered on the automated system is another factor, you need to look on. One can find numerous phones in the market that are not PTA registered, and after you purchase them you would be required to pay the taxes on it.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Used Phone in Pakistan

We have made a quick guide through which you can check the essential factors before buying a used phone in Pakistan. It will save you time, as well as you will be saved from any fraud or default.

There is no denying that all of us want a good handset at the lowest price, so the first thing that you can do is to check the price of the new handset. Sometimes the shopkeepers misguide you by telling you higher prices. You should always compare the market price of the handset from the various shops and when you find the perfect handset then check these following things:

1. Phone Screen needs to be Screened Well


The first thing, which should always be considered while buying a used phone is the screen. It is a very crucial part of a smartphone. You can check the screen of the phone, by opening a white background without any other colors. If you find a hue of yellow on the screen or a bit of warmth in the display then know that it is an original screen. However, if you find the screen to be more towards a blue tone or bright white then either that phone is refurbished or the screen isn’t original.

2. Maximum Battery Capacity is a Must

The battery is very important to the life of a phone. If you’re buying a phone that has a removable battery then take it out and spin it on a smooth surface. If the battery keeps on spinning then it is defected. Secondly, if you are purchasing a phone that doesn’t have a removable battery then open the camera from your phone and select ‘burst’ mode. Take lots of pictures from the ‘burst mode’ and if you experience the battery is draining then the battery is faulty. For iPhone users, you can easily check the battery from settings, where there is a ‘battery life’ option available. Don’t buy an iPhone that has less capacity than 85%.

3. Headphone Jack, Mic and Speaker

Check the headphone jack, mic and speaker to know if the phone that you are purchasing hasn’t been opened. If there is a fault in any of the three then the phone has already been opened.

4. Check the SIM and Memory Slot


Insert your SIM card and memory card. The easy way to check memory card is to insert it and then go into files. If you don’t find memory card in files, then either your memory card is not working or the SD port doesn’t work.

Always take a SIM card that is compatible with the phone you are going to purchase. You can insert your SIM in the phone and check it completely. Make two or three calls, as well as texts to check the functionality of the handset. It will help you to analyze the indoor and outdoor signal capability of the phone too.

5. Good Picture Quality is Important


The camera is another factor that needs to be evaluated. If you find any scratch or dust on the lens of the camera then don’t buy that phone, as it will never give you a good picture quality.

6. Evaluate the Phone’s Outer Casing

If the shopkeeper tells you that the phone has already been opened then always ask for the work done on the phone. If there is something done on the Motherboard then you should never buy that handset. For self-evaluation, check the corners of the phone, if you feel like there is any abnormality or gap in the corners then it is already been opened.

 7. Take your Time

Always take your time to check the entire phone and never do it in a hurry. If there is any problem with the phone then your money will be completely wasted, as the phone will start to malfunction very soon.

8. Nothing’s Wrong with a Second Opinion


You should always take another person with you while going to purchase a phone.

9. Take at least Two Days Guarantee

Take two days guarantee from the storekeeper so you can make sure that everything works fine on the handset.


Also, check the IMEI number on the phone and verify it with the PTA before giving your money to the retailer as it could cost you a lot more if the phone that you have purchased isn’t PTA registered.

These are some of the tips and tricks that can save time and money while buying a used phone from the local market. You should always do proper research before you head out to the market and even check out the various reviews of the handset on the internet. This will help you in getting to know a lot about the features of the phone, and you will be able to better evaluate the handset while purchasing from a retailer.

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