TCL C8 4K UHD AI TV Review

TCL C8 promises you the ultimate ‘Smart Home’ experience, which is backed by Artificial Intelligence and comes with the Google Home Assistant feature. The C8 is a beautiful 55 inches smart UHD TV that provides you with a natural yet mesmerizing viewing experience. Recently launched, the C8 is all about elegance while adding more to the modern technology. The TV is geared up with cool features and specifications that include a full-fledged AI system, Chromecast, MEMC, Dolby Vision, Sound by Onkyo Audio, Dolby Atmos, Google Assistant, WCG, HDR10 Display and a lot more that will give you a cinematic feel. The TCL C8 55 inch TV price in Pakistan is Rs. 121,900.

A Full-Screen TV

The TV is built to provide you with a viewing experience that you wouldn’t forget. It is full-screen TV without any frame at the front. It has a sleek design that is built with real metal, adding perfection to the craftsmanship. The C8 is nothing less than a beautiful fixture in your living room or bedroom. It adds to the style statement and makes the interior of your house even more enhanced in a beautiful way. With Mini LED technology, C8 is the slimmest direct LED TV without compromising on the picture quality. TCL has certainly combined elegance with quality to build the C8.

Powerful AI Support

TCL C8 55 inch TV will certainly be the center of your home with the amazing capabilities that it possesses. It brings you great capabilities to explore that couldn’t be found on any other TV. The C8 has an integrated artificial intelligence system that distinguishes it from any LED TV you can find in the market. The performance of the TV is more enhanced with its great features.

Control your TV with Voice Commands

It is one of the most fantastic features of the TV, you can control everything on your C8 without having to move a finger. With artificial intelligence capabilities, the TCL C8 is the first to provides its users with voice-commands. The TV is equipped with ‘Far-Field Voice’ that allows it to take hands-free voice commands from the user. You don’t have to find a remote to connect devices to your TCL C8 or manage your digital content on the TV, as you can just give voice commands. You can easily add the TCL Home app on your smartphone to create a smart home ecosystem. You will be able to control all your devices, simultaneously.

Manage your IoT-Enabled Devices

The AI feature makes the TV a lot cooler than you can imagine. You can control all the installed devices through your TCL C8. You can not just control the content on your C8, but can also turn on/off the lights by just giving a voice command to your TV. The TCL C8 is more than just a TV as you can do unlimited tasks with the help of Google Assistant. It unleashes your imagination to do more without pressing a single button on the remote control.

More Entertainment with Android TV

The TCL C8 is a true Android TV and comes with a Google Home and Google Assistant. You can find the best content with the help of your C8 LED TV. The Android TV allows you to stream all UHD content on your TCL C8 and can also view the Native 4k HDR applications on it. It is full family entertainment TV that comes with features like Picture in Picture (PIP), Easy Task Switching, Multi-User Accounts and Side Settings giving you more control over your content.

Ultra HD 4K Experience

The TV doesn’t compromise at all on the quality of the picture and you will experience some great details on your TCL C8. The HDR experience comes with shadow details, amazing brightness, accurate colors and a lot more that will enhance your viewing experience. You will get a true-to-life picture that will make your content even more enjoyable. Moreover, the HDR10+ provides you with the correct color optimization, contrast, and in-depth details. It helps to increase the picture quality to a higher extent.

Enjoy the Bezel-Less Panels

The C8 is designed to provide its users with a hint of style and uniqueness that matches their house personality. You get to enjoy the bezel-less screen that gives more space for your content. You can view all your favorite movies and shows on the TCL C8 bigger screen. It comes with an edge-to-edge panel along with the clean t-pedestal stand, giving a very sleek look to the TV. It has black panels that enhance your TV viewing even more. You can easily wall-mount the TV or keep it on a stand that best matches the surroundings of your room.

Dolby Vision and MEMC

You will experience greatness when it comes to the colors, contrast and brightness of the TCL C8, as it is equipped with Dolby Vision. The Dolby Atmos transports you into another world of enjoyment where you can feel the sound and the picture flowing in together. The Motion Enhancement and Motion Control allow for a smoother signal. You can see the fast-moving objects clearly and vividly all thanks to the proprietary software algorithm. It helps to enhance the action-packed content even more with more details.

Experience the Onkyo Soundbar

Now you get a cinematic experience with the TCL C8 amazing Onkyo soundbar. The horizontal soundbar is attached at the bottom of the panel that looks very aesthetically cool and clean as well. It provides you with a surround sound experience that you can’t find anywhere else. The TCL C8 is a blessing for music lovers who want to enjoy their music while playing it on the TV. You can enjoy the video and the sound simultaneously on your TCL C8. Whether you watch your favorite movies on Netflix or a tutorial on YouTube, you will feel that you are sitting in a cinema. The TCL C8 is a great catch for people who want to experience style with great picture quality. The price of the TCL C8 makes up for the features and specifications it offers.