Quick hacks to save money while shopping online in Pakistan

‘Yeh kitnay ka hai?’
‘4,000 ka.’
‘2500 mai final karo bhai’
‘3700 akhri qeemat. Is se kam nahi ho sakta.’
‘Acha 3000 kar lo’
‘Na meri na aapki. 3500 final karein’

Customers have been bargaining to get discounts since forever. A retailer would never sell a product on loss unless and until they have achieved their desired profits, and a customer would always try to get more discounts, regardless of the product they have gone out to buy. Saving money has always been a very important step in shopping, and good negotiation skills come handy when you are out shopping.

But as it turns out, you do not always need good negotiation skills to save some bucks. You can simply keep reading to find out ways to save money while shopping online in Pakistan

1)    Compare prices on different websites

Before you decide to buy something online, search for the prices on different websites selling the same product. Compare warranty, delivery times, return policy, etc. and then decide which E-Commerce websites offer the best deal. There are also price comparison websites that do just this for you. Search for your product and there you have it – all the information regarding prices, delivery, warranty, etc. in one place!

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2)    Use discount codes

Many websites have discount codes! It could be something like FIRSTBUY, 50OFF, etc. that are given by the store you are shopping from. But these codes are not always easy to find on the website you are shopping from.  PriceOye also has a discount code for its customers choosing to buy from iShopping. So, if you are buying a mobile phone from iShopping, use the code PRICEOYE500 and get Rs. 500 off every mobile purchase. This code is only valid till 30th January 2020.

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4)    Save items to your cart

Impulse purchase is almost always followed by regret. Soon after you buy, you find out that the product is on sale and waiting could have saved you some bucks. Keeping your items in the cart helps you monitor the price changes for a few days and most websites let you get email alerts for the products in your cart. As soon as the prices drop, shop!

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5)    Use incognito mode

It’s true! If you’re looking to buy plane tickets or making hotel reservations, you will see a slightly higher price than you saw earlier. For all non-techy people like me, I like to look at this way: The website now knows you’re interested in buying from them so next time you visit, they show you a price slightly higher. Why? This will make you feel like the price will increase if you wait any further. So what do you do? You go ahead and buy it thinking you got a good deal. But no, you didn’t. Use incognito mode so that no cookies are saved which saves your money!

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These are the quickest ways to save some bucks when you are shopping online in Pakistan. Do you know of any other hacks? Let us know!