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Daraz 11 11 “Fraud” Sale Under Fire again

Daraz did not miss a single chance of advertising their 11.11 sale online as well as offline. Every person who is even the least bit active on any social media platforms knew about the ‘Biggest sale in Pakistan’ or the world… I’m not sure. But was it really the biggest sale ever? Or was it the biggest online scam?

Famously known as the Daraz GyaraGyara sale in Pakistan, the 11 11 sale is the brainchild of Alibaba group. Daraz was acquired by the same group in May 2018 and since then, Daraz has introduced Daraz Mall, Global Shipping, Daraz wallet, etc. Basically, it has gotten better since the acquisition with many options available in the app that were not available before.

But despite all the improvements, why does Daraz keep disappointing its customers with its scam like sales? Daraz GyaraGyara or Daraz Black Friday sale has been under fire previously as well because of the deceiving pricing methods. Twitteratis were quick to post about the sale and how it was all a scam.

Public opinion on Daraz 11.11 sale

Daraz has been known for increasing the prices of the products on their website and then discounting those prices to make it look like the customer is saving a lot when in reality, they are actually spending more than the market price.

This guy was quick to point out the deceiving prices

And this person, like many others, believes that buying directly from stores is a better option than going through Daraz because “nothing is really discounted”.

Users also used to see compare prices of products on all stores online and found out how Daraz 11 11 was actually deceiving customers with their obnoxious prices.

Our comparison of the Daraz Gyara Gyara Sale

The tweets were customers’ experiences with Daraz 11.11 sale and they compared it to one of the stores which had a price lower than that of Daraz. But on our website, we list prices from all major online stores to give you a true picture of the market price.

To give a true comparison, we only compared the phones that were actually listed on the 11 11 sale on Daraz and we kept it as unbiased as we can. We won’t speak much on it but the screenshots from our website will speak for themselves.

Disclaimer: The prices are listed by all stores on PriceOye, and not by PriceOye itself

1. Samsung A50
Samsung A50 has been one of the most talked-about budget phones with a retail price of 48,000-50,000. But, how much are the online stores selling it for?

2. Vivo V17 Pro

3. Realme XT
Realme XT comes with a Rs. 55,000 tag for its price in Pakistan. It is a recently launched mobile phone with a 64-megapixel camera (WOW THAT’S ACTUALLY A LOT. Maybe if we take photos of Daraz 11 11 sale with a Realme XT we can see through their lies).

If you want to check our more products and see their prices across multiple online stores, you can go back to and do that.