PriceOye Insights: NPS Study of Pakistan e-Commerce Industry

PriceOye has been working directly with different Pakistani e-Commerce stores since 2015 to make the online customer journey as easy and transparent as possible. Pakistan has shown tremendous growth of e-Commerce sector with new online stores entering the market on a regular basis. This gives the Pakistani customer a lot of options to choose from when they are placing an order online.

The Pakistani e-Commerce market is expected to grow to up to $ 1 billion in overall sales by the year 2020. According to global industry standards and growth, Pakistan is still lagging behind as it has the potential to achieve much more than the projected sales. Our detailed study aims to identify the reasons for this stunted growth figures from the customer’s perspective. We talked to around 1200 customers in detail over the span of 3 months and asked them what they like about the various customer-facing internet platforms and what they want improvement in. Our research is not only limited to e-Commerce market places like Daraz, Homeshopping, etc. but also covers various other verticals such as food delivery and ride-hailing apps, fashion retail and makeup websites, among others.

PriceOye is the first ever Pakistani market intelligence platform to conduct an NPS study on the local e-Commerce of Pakistan. It attempts to give an insight on the gaps in the market, as per the local customer, and how those gaps can be bridged.