Mothers Day 2019 – Best Gifts in Pakistan

Happy Mothers Day

Mother’s day is around the corner already and it’s time to grab a gift for her. Well since our moms now a days are also getting “smart and tech savvy moms” so flowers and chocolates are too cliched for them. Why not give her a latest smart phone that she can carry around and stay connected and aware about everything? Not a bad idea either, right? So we have a list of some of the best options for your mod squad mom. See, if you like anyone of them for her. After all, it is MOTHER’S DAY

1. Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone is always on the top of everyone’s mind and everyone wish to carry that mini half eaten apple, if you know what I mean. Its super sleek body and wonderful camera features steal the show always. However, buying an iPhone is a real deal so you must first check out if your mom is not too budget-minded. In addition, if she is already an apple user, she will definitely love this upgrade.

However, is your mommy is an android user, we prefer you stick to these android phones we’ve listed below. You do not want to unleash the wrath of a desi brown mom towards the smartphone industry. There is enough Android vs. iOS debate going on already. Let’s not involve the ammi clan in this.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If your mother is conscious about her style statement and wants to carry the most sophisticated gadgets to her kitty parties so that every other aunties are just left in awe, then Note 8 is all that she needs. And, the real moment will be when she’ll flaunt the S Pen very gracefully in front of them. So, what say wouldn’t it be so happening? Oh Shaista, pass me the biscuits while I draw on my insta stories with this S pen.

3. Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 is marvelously designed to offer users a wide range of features and advanced specs. You know moms will be moms so you can expect anything from them therefore this phone is made waterproof and dust resistance. By the way, its lilac pink color would definitely be a perfect fit for your mom’s cool personality.

4. Samsung Galaxy A6

Samsung Galaxy A6 is for all those mommies who are super concerned about the prices but can also not compromise over brands. Also its vivid display and fast RAM will let your mom watch all those dramas, shows, and videos very peacefully and as long as mom is in peace, you are in peace. So can you feel that moment of peace? Because, I can feel it already.

5. Huawei P20 Lite

Remember those childhood photo boxes we have at our homes which have the photos of the time we took the first step? The big VCRs that have video tapes of the first time we smiled. If you Mother took many many photos of you with those ‘reel walay’ cameras which had a limit of 30 photos per film and you had to wait for days or weeks to finally get the photos in the album, then you need to get her this phone. Huawei P20 is a budget phone with Behtreen camera. BEHTREEN. She can take selfies, capture every single moment with no waiting time to actually be able to see her masterpiece of a photograph.

By the have you seen its purple color variant? It is amazing. She will love it.

6. Huawei Y9 2019

If you went ‘HAW HAYE’ with the prices of the phones mentioned above, then we have a phone for you too!

With all the mind-blowing specifications and flaunting resolutions Huawei Y9 is another best option yet affordable too for your tech-savvy mom. Besides this, it has a super sleek glass body and 4 attractive color options to choose from.

7. Oppo F9

Oppo F9 one of the mid-range series that comes with the dual back camera. F9 comes in very trendy colors with star or diamond cut patterns back that makes it look very classy and would definitely appeal your style geek mom. Just to tell you that your mom might love its purple color or even red too. It is also a big screen phone which will make her Netflix binging sessions even more engaging.

If we helped, you make a decision about which phone to gift your mom, then we are very happy! If not, let us know which phone you gifted your mom and what was her reaction. Don’t worry much about the market prices. Our website lists the lowest prices available online and you can save up to 34% shopping through PriceOye.

Happy mother’s day to all the amazing moms. They deserve the best!