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Wondering ‘Kahan Mileyga Sasta Phone?’ Has the Answer

Pakistan has been trapped in an inflationary spiral, with inflation rates hitting double-digit. The rise in fuel prices has added to the citizens’ anxiety. Consecutive hikes have not only significantly increased transportation costs, but have also resulted in food inflation. This time of severe inflation has made it extremely crucial to re-evaluate personal finances and save every rupee.

In this digital age, where internet users are barraged with millions of online advertisements, buyers may make irrational purchasing decisions and later experience postpurchase dissonance (anxiety).

It is very critical to make informed purchases from trusted online stores only rather than falling victim to scams and fake discounts., one of Pakistan’s most trusted online stores, recently launched its second phase of an outdoor advertising campaign in Lahore with the goal of assisting consumers in purchasing certified electronics and accessories online from the comfort of their own homes.

The campaign started with its pre-launch teasers stating ‘Kahan Mileyga Sasta Phone?’ seen all over Lahore leaving its audience curious to discover more. The teasers were very successful in piquing viewers’ interest.

Later, high-rise billboards with the very simple yet interactive message of ‘ Trusted Hai’ was visible in most of Lahore, including DHA, Gulberg, Cantt, Wapda Town, Ring Road, and Airport Road.

The outdoor advertising campaign appeared to be a distinctive way to engage with its audience and ensure them that sasta (cheap) is still an option in these difficult economic times.

So, what separates from the other online markets?

One is their extremely user-friendly online ordering process, which makes it very simple for customers to place orders. The second is its ‘Price Beating Policy’, which means PriceOye sells products at the lowest price than all its competitors across all online marketplaces.

PriceOye additionally provides extremely transparent methods to guarantee that buyers are completely aware of the purchase.

This is ensured by the company’s Open Parcel Policy, the first of its kind delivery mode in Pakistan which enables individuals to validate the original seal packaging, color, and storage of the product ordered online.

This is done to make sure that the customer is fully involved in the order delivery process from the time the order is placed until it is delivered.

A video of the customer’s purchase being packaged in the warehouse is also shared with them for the complete satisfaction of the right item being shipped to them.

PriceOye has become one of the most trusted online marketplaces for consumers to buy electronic devices and accessories, accounting for a huge number of sales and a very positive Net Promoter Score which is a metric used to measure customer experiences.