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It has taken us almost a year of intense hard work on early mornings, evenings and weekends – but it is finally here. Today, we’re publicly launching PriceOye!

After starting and scaling technology blogs for so many years, we wanted to work on solving problems in our own country. Thanks to growing Internet penetration, rapidly increasing public awareness of technology, and interest from international technology companies, we feel now is an excellent time to design technology-powered solutions as part of Pakistan’s maturing startup ecosystem.

Like most startups, we’re solving our own problem first and foremost. There are dozens of online stores selling the same products with absurdly different prices. We would visit at least five different shopping websites before making our final decision. The average online shopper visits at least three online stores to do the same. It is an annoying process that wastes your time, without even guaranteeing you buy at the lowest price from trusted stores.

PriceOye is a comparison shopping service that compares product prices and shopping experiences across the biggest, most trusted online stores. It is your one-stop solution for discovering the lowest prices from the best stores so you can purchase goods online without breaking a sweat.

Starting with mobile phones, we will soon add tablets, laptops, home appliances, game consoles, and more. It’s not just categories we’re working on either – what you see today is just 5% of our grand vision for PriceOye, so stay tuned!

Thank you for reading. We hope PriceOye makes online shopping easy for you!

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PriceOye is currently a public beta software. That means you will likely see a bug or two while you compare prices. We’re continuously improving the PriceOye experience, so your feedback is important to us. Please send an email to, and we’ll get back to you!

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