Galaxy J7 Prime expected launch date in Pakistan

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The Galaxy J7 Prime was announced a couple weeks ago. When will it be released in the Pakistani market? Let’s discuss!

Update: Galaxy J7 Prime has launched in Pakistan. See the phone’s price here.

Samsung is doing an absolutely bang-up job with the Galaxy J series in Pakistan. These are budget phones with hardware specs of phones above the competition. I regularly recommend them to people in my family who want to buy a “big name” phone, but also want it to be reliable in the long run. Android phones tend to get really bad in performance in a few months – something we mentioned in our iPhone vs. Android in Pakistan article – so it’s nice to see budget phones being powerful enough to at least slow down performance degradation.

So yes, the latest phone Samsung has announced is the Galaxy J7 Prime. To describe it in a sentence, we’d say it is “an improved version of the Galaxy J7 (2016).” Here’s what’s better:

  • Bigger RAM: Galaxy J7 Prime comes with 3GB of RAM versus the J7 2016’s 2GB
  • Better selfie camera: 8 megapixel versus 5 megapixel
  • A fingerprint sensor: the older Galaxy J7 2016 does not have fingerprint sensing capabilities.
  • Higher resolution screen: the Galaxy J7 Prime has a 1080p full HD display versus the 720p HD display of the Galaxy J7 2016.
  • Higher price: the Galaxy J7 Prime is expected to cost around Rs. 35,000 whereas the Galaxy J7 2016’s price is Rs. 26,000.

You can find out more in our detailed post on everything you need to know about the Galaxy J7 Prime.

When will Galaxy J7 Prime be available in Pakistan?

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Now, Samsung announced this Galaxy phone in Vietnam and India only, as per our understanding. It has not been announced in Pakistan yet. We believe it will eventually come to Pakistan, but it will take some time.

There’s a difference between being officially announced, and being available in Pakistan. A lot of phones are brought in to Pakistan through grey channels, so it’s not uncommon to find phones available in Pakistan that are not officially announced or sold here.

The Galaxy J7 Prime is listed on a couple of stores already. HomeShopping, for example, has it on sale for a incredulous Rs. 100,000. This is just a pre-launch price, though, we expect it to be available around 30,000-35,000 when it is more commonly available.

So yes, if you had to ask us right now when the Galaxy J7 Prime will be available in Pakistan: give it one month. We expect it to be here in October through grey channels, and – depending on demand – to be officially available in November. Samsung does release a lot of budget phones in Pakistan, so the Galaxy J7 Prime should be announced sooner rather than later.

We will update this post when and if Samsung makes an announcement.

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