LG Stylus 3: Specs, Expected Price and Launch in Pakistan

LG Stylus 3: Specs, Expected Price and Launch in Pakistan

2016 is nearing its end and it seems as if LG isn’t done with it just yet. At a time when we rarely get to see some big releases, the South Korean giants have launched the notion of their third budget stylus phone; behold as the LG Stylus 3 will soon be hitting the market shelves come start of 2017.

The LG Stylus 3 is the successor to the somewhat famous LG Stylus 2. People were simply awestruck to see a stylus smartphone within some of the most unbelievable of prices and the Stylus 3 will only make things better. To be fair, the smartphone has a rich arsenal of features with only one or two pressure points while overall, we’d definitely give the smartphone a good rating specifically as you don’t really get to see stylus devices in mid-ranged smartphones.

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Build quality

The LG Stylus 3 seems somewhat of a hybrid between some LG K and G series smartphones. When we first got a glimpse of it, the smartphone seemed entirely metal because of the chic way in which its exterior has been polished. Unfortunately, to burst this bubble, the Stylus 3 is all plastic albeit with a thin metal frame separating its front and back panels.

Its dimensions are an altogether different piece of the puzzle. We’re highly impressed by its 7.4mm width as it gives the smartphone a premium feel while its 142g weight finely compliments its slender width. Overall, the Stylus 3 is finely constructed.


Springing no surprises, the LG Stylus 3 features LG’s most used IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen. Statistically, it’s a gigantic 5.7 inches display with 258ppi pixel density. That’s just about enough to allow the smartphone to support a 720p resolution which might just be okay for a very large display. However, if you do feel that the display seems a tad pixelated, don’t be alarmed as the 258ppi just about stretches to its bare bones to provide the aforementioned resolution.

That’s the only trait we’re disappointed to see as you don’t really see such large displays accompanied by such small pixel densities. However, considering the price bracket the Stylus 3 falls in, this compromised display might just be one of the smartphone’s fiscal balancing factors.


We’ve continuously heralded LG’s camera prowess as they’ve always been so good. Unlike the dual-camera support of the LG V20, G5 etc. the Stylus 3 features a singular 13 megapixel primary sensor with an LED flash and customary features which include geo-tagging,  touch-focus, face detection and panorama. The primary sensor seems devoid of hunky features such as OIS, phase detection or laser autofocus but as far as our experience can tell, a 13 megapixel LG sensor should not be taken lightly.

Its selfie sensor features 5 megapixels worth of punch. It should’ve been at-least 8 megapixels for it to provide competitive photos on the large display but we’d like to wait for your feedback before passing any sort of judgement about it.

Hardware and software

The LG Stylus 3 is powered by a 1.5 GHz Quad-Core Cortex A-53 processor with an additional 3GB of RAM. We’re delighted to see the South Korean giants making no compromises when it comes to the smartphone’s processing muscle and bar some very occasional lag, the smartphone is primed to smoothly run the built-in Android Nougat.

No modular support unlike the LG G5 but it does have one over it by supporting a stylus. This is sure to attract more buyers than normal as the stylus is what gives a proper phablet-like user experience on the smartphone. Its internal storage banks at 16 gigs of which around 11GB is free for use for its owner while if you feel that’s not enough for you, plug-in an external memory card slot to make the most out of it. A rear-mounted fingerprint scanner and a large 3200 mAh removable battery are its other wholesome features making the Stylus 3 a true modern release.

Expected launch date and price in Pakistan

The Stylus 3 is touted to begin selling in Q1 of 2017 i.e the first 3 months of the new calendar year. However, we’re optimistic that the smartphone will hit the shelves come January and while nothing official is known about its price, it’s expected to see retail within $445 i.e 45,000 rupees.

So that signals the end of the LG Stylus 3. If the price indeed turns out to be true, we’d consider the smartphone to be a disappointment as the LG G5 can now be purchased within that price. That being said, anything around 30,000-35,000 rupees for a smartphone of this pedigree would be spectacular.

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