LG V20’s expected launch date and price in Pakistan

LG’s rise to the forefront of the smartphone world is nothing less than a fairy tale. We still remember the days of LG’s chocolate mobile phone making a name for itself in a world that looked rather suspiciously at it. Finally, LG has overcame that barrier of suspicion and is now rocking the smartphone world because of releases such as the all new LG V20.

What is the LG V20?

The LG V20, to put into the simplest of words, is a pioneer. It has stretched LG’s astronomical prowess to even higher levels as it brings many things to the table which were either not there before or it has significantly improved upon something already in the market. We’ll get the ball rolling with the build quality first.

The V20 is not a flagship just by name. Its build, power, display and other features compliment its flagship status in an extraordinary way. The V20 comprises of a metal body that is a mixture of AL-6013 aluminum as well as a military standard drop protection material found on its top and bottom. With a fair share of similarities with the Samsung Active smartphones, the V20 is strong and corrosion resistant while also not compromising at all on the aesthetics.

Its dimensions feature a 7.6mm width while it weighs in at 174g. A tad high in our opinion but that can be attributed to its military grade protection. Despite its successor’s excellent features (the LG V10), users were particularly unhappy about the weight of the smartphone at 192g. This decrease in weight in the V20 is probably because of that.

The smartphone features a 5.7 inches IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with 513ppi pixel density. That means you’re guaranteed a 1440p HD resolution. Now that’s music to the ears as not many 5.7 inchers can boast 1440p resolution even nowadays. Corning Gorilla Glass 4 rightfully takes its place on the podium bringing an end to the V20’s display prowess.

Now it’s time to talk about its much coveted cameras. Dual-lens cameras are slowly moving out of the once-in-a-blue-moon category to the norm in smartphones and the V20 is one of its latest beneficiaries. It features a a dual 16 megapixel plus 8 megapixel primary sensor with other outstanding features that include OIS and laser autofocus. Its dual-primary sensors work very much in the same way as the LG G5’s primary sensors do and we’re not at all surprised by the reviews the V20’s primary camera is receiving.

For people who’re interested, one of the dual-lens’s at the V20’s back is a normal sensor (the 16 megapixel one) while the other is a wide angle sensor. Both these sensors seamlessly switch from one another in search of producing excellent photo and video-graphy while you can access both of them separately as well. Its selfie camera also features an excellent 5 megapixel sensor capable of taking much wider selfies than before. Its performance makes it seem like a much bigger sensor than what it actually is!

Now, moving on to the hardware and software. The V20 is a true Hulk-like smartphone with incredible processing power stuffed underneath its hood; we’re talking about a Quad-Core Kryo processor with different processing frequencies and an additional 4GB of RAM. A deadly combination by all means, the V20 has also produced some nice benchmark results as well.

Other than that, you’d be pleased to hear that the V20 will be LG’s first smartphone to receive Android Nougat out of the box with all its exclusive features such as multi-window etc. It is marketed in 32 and 64GB internal storage variants while a dedicated card-slot also awaits at your disposal. USB Type-C and Fast Charge 3.0 ensure that the smartphone belongs to the latest elite class of devices while the large 3200 mAh battery will do its utmost to provide a more than satisfactory battery life.

Its audio quality has received numerous plaudits from benchmark testers particularly because of its ability to record very loud content without compromising on quality. Not just record, its playback quality is also a force to be reckoned with because it is said to produce excellent sounds with zero noise.

One of the notable things regarding the V20 is that its metallic back is removable through a button present on the device. A simple press ejects the back panel meaning that LG has continued its ability to do the most simplest of things in the most subtle of ways.

While we’ve covered everything it has got, we’d also like to point out that the smartphone unfortunately features no dust or waterproofing. That’s the only blot on an otherwise sterling cv.

LG V20’s expected launch price in Pakistan

The V20 is a flagship through and through so don’t expect not to splash the cash and get your hands on the smartphone. The smartphone is expected to see a launch price in the region of $700-800 upon its release to retailers which means that the V20 can cost anything in between 80,000 to 95,000 rupees in Pakistan when it launches. Do keep an eye out for its best prices on our website: LG V20 price in Pakistan.

LG V20’s expected launch date in Pakistan

The LG V20 was announced almost a month ago and normally, you’d expect a smartphone to see the market shelves a month after its release. That hasn’t happened just yet and we’re getting word that the V20 was due to go on sale on the 23rd of September but that hasn’t happened until now. That being said, whenever the smartphone will go on retail, it’ll be available in Pakistan 2-3 weeks after that. Stay tuned to PriceOye for more on this!

As mentioned before, the V20 is a pioneer, a visionary and probably a conqueror as well. Its power knows no parallel and its mere release has sent a message of intent from the Korean giants to all other competitors that LG means business. Beware the Apples’, the Samsungs’, the Sonys’ etc. the V20 is LG’s ace up its sleeve and it might just win this game of poker!

Images courtesy Android Authority and techradar.

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