Make your battery last longer this monsoon

After two days of sporadic rain, the power outages to large parts of the Karachi city has been disrupted due to the shutdown of the most important power stations that were flooded due to the heavy shower throughout the days.

More showers forecast in the coming week by the Pakistan Meteorological Department, so have you prepared yourself for Karachi monsoon days-long-power outage?

Apart from dozens of problems we face during the rain, we want our mobile phone battery to last the day. Fortunately, our cellphone networks keep working but our phone’s battery gets low. Most cellphone batteries are lithium polymer or lithium-ion and are generally not removable, so take a cautious approach with an eye toward your mobile phone battery longevity, especially during the monsoon days. The tip is to don’t wait for it to drain completely.

In this article, we have discussed some useful strategies for making your smartphone battery last longer even days after the power breakdown.

Before the power goes out

1. Invest in a good power pack


Power banks can store enough power and help you to recharge your phone several times-anywhere from one to seven times.

Other benefits include:

  • Faster charging–highly powered devices.
  • Freedom to use the smartphone for long.
  • No more trouble while chatting. You know, it’s so frustrating to chat with someone special while your phone charger plugged in the board.
  • Best traveling essential.

*Be sure to keep your power bank charged during the monsoon season.

2. A cellphone car charger is worth buying


What if you get stuck in heavy traffic that results from broken roads due to the rain? Buy a good mobile car charger; this will let you recharge your mobile phone battery if you are unable to reach home on time.

3. Charge your laptop to charge your phone


Did you know your laptop battery can act as another power bank? Yes, first you need to fully charge your laptop, later, connect your phone from its USB port. To do that, turn your laptop on, dim the screen light, and stop all the running applications until your phone is fully charged.

When the power goes out

5. Switch off phone’s radios

Did you know the radios—the Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi—are the biggest drain on your mobile phone battery life?

It is important to keep your phone connected to the cell network, but if you’re not using the internet don’t forget to turn off the connections–Wi-Fi. Moreover, Bluetooth should also be turn off, which is not necessary to be connected 24/7 and is only needed when there is a need to share files.

Airplane mode– Mobile battery saver

The airplane mode cuts off all radio signals, halting phone calls, email, messages, Wi-Fi, and other file-sharing connections, and it’s a great help in saving smartphone battery when you need to save most.

How to enable airplane mode?

If you have an android, swipe down on your Settings tile> tap Airplane Mode. For iPhone users, this feature is available within the Settings. Therefore, it is advisable to save your battery life by putting the phone in airplane mode or turning it off entirely when not in use.

 6. Switch off push notifications

There are apps installed on your phone that send you notifications, and each one is consuming the battery even if not in use. Most people don’t want their cellphone apps following their location. Keeping location services is not only intrusive, but it also reduces your battery life. You can enable the option whenever needed.

If you have an iPhone–turn off “location services” that drain your battery. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location services>choose which apps can use location.

Also, it is essential to keep your phone up to date with the apps you use on a daily basis. Because every app consumes bandwidth on your phone, you can set your device to update your apps automatically. However, manual updates are better for preserving battery life.

7.  Restart your cellphone


Restating off the phone ensures that no unnecessary applications are draining the phone’s battery while running in the background.

8. Reduce the screen brightness

If your phone adjusts the screen brightness automatically then you should turn off this feature and then reduce the display brightness till the level at which you feel comfortable reading it.

9. Avoid phone calls and send text messages instead

Calls use a lot of battery. So, if not urgent, it’s advisable to send text messages to save the battery where there is the need to save.

10. Don’t play games  

Resist the temptation to play games or checking social media, except for periodic updates on the weather. This may seem obvious; your phone battery should be enough to get regular updates on the temperature.

Other precautions you can take

Switch on your phone power save mode

Turning on the Power Mode helps you extend the battery life in the case when there is a need to save battery. Your phone will notify you when the battery level reduces to 20%, and at 10%. When you get alert, turn on Power Save Mode with one tap or go to [Settings] > [Battery] > [Power Save Mode].

This power-saving feature reduces display brightness, minimizes system animations, and optimizes device performance. Wi-Fi, Mobile network, Bluetooth, Location Service, and personal hotspots turned off automatically in low power mode, but you can turn on them manually, if needed. Also, you can still use your phone for making and receiving phone calls, messages, and emails. And when you charge your phone, the power save mode automatically switches off.

Check Battery Usage

With ColorOS, you can manage your mobile phone’s battery life. Simply go to [Settings] >[Battery]> [Power usage].You can disable the apps to refresh the device background that helps improve battery life. In usage settings, you can view the battery consumption of each app.

Cautions to Be Taken While Charging Your Phones Battery

Every product comes with advantages and disadvantages–the bitter truth of life. Using too much your smartphone can cause cancer; many cases were reported in the past.

Where power banks have benefits, there is no surprise that there are some limitations to this product too. Here we have listed a few problems which occur by using a power bank.

Overcharging can destroy your battery. Because power banks are convenient to use, it’s the habit of some people to frequently charge their mobile, even if there is no need. The overcharging can reduce phone battery’s overall life.

Avoid Extreme Heat or Cold

Did you know charging your smartphone in high temperatures is dangerous as it can cause extreme damage? Our smartphones perform well in normal temperature (not too high or cold) the ideal range is 62- to 72-degrees. Therefore, it is recommended not to use your device when the temperature is above 95 F, because it can permanently destroy the battery’s life. Similarly, when using your phone in an extremely cold environment, you may notice a slight drop in battery life.

Do follow the above-mentioned practices and let us know if it helps you. Also, share this article with your friends and family to spread awareness.