Apple is the most valuable company in the world today, and for good reason. Their smartphone - the iPhone - is the most popular smartphone worldwide. Here in Pakistan, things are no different. Yes, Samsung and QMobile have more market-share as a smartphone manufacturer, but when you compare just smartphones with each other, you will find that the iPhone is far, far ahead than any other smartphone in the market.

There is no mobile device out there that offers as simple-to-use and all-around nice user experience as the iPhone. It is easy for everyone to use, the camera is the absolute best in the market, the battery lasts comfortably all day, it doesn’t get slow with time (unlike Android phones), and there are hundreds upon thousands of apps for every purpose.

The iPhone is our smartphone of choice here at PriceOye. Unless you’re an incredible power user that makes use of every feature in Android, you’ll be just better off with the iPhone.