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We’ve made this page to inform you about - you guessed it - our policies which have been designed to put respect of your privacy first and foremost. As a user of our site, it is assumed that you agree to these policies. You must be well-informed that we will not misuse your private and personal information.

First of all, PriceOye uses cookies to identify you. All of the most popular websites use this technique. We use it to show you useful information including, for example, any products that you have viewed in the past. Cookies are also used for identifying and analyzing traffic patterns so we can make better decisions to improve PriceOye’s user experience. also uses plugins to allow you to share your products of interest on Facebook. As a result, cookies that are used by Facebook are outside our control. We cannot take any responsibility for what they do with them.

Secondly, PriceOye makes use of services that let us know about the city you’re using our site from, based on your publicly available IP address. We use this to show products and deals relevant to your city, district, or province. If you wish to, you can share your location more accurately using HTML5 Geolocation, or the GPS tracker in your device. The data we receive from these services is only and ONLY for serving you relevant content. In some cases, this location may be cached in your browser, or on our servers to improve your experience.

Thirdly, when you sign up for PriceOye using your Facebook profile, Twitter or Google account, or by directly using your email address or phone number, we use this only for contacting you in case you use our Price Updates service. This information also provides us a way to confirm your authenticity as a user of

If you have provided us with your personal contact details, it doesn’t mean we will or intend to send you any communication item unless you’ve specifically subscribed or asked for it.

Lastly, if there are any changes to our policy, this page will be updated so you may take note of it.

Before you go close this tab: know that we hate spam, and have no intentions to sell your contact information unethically. We want Pakistan’s online shopping industry to grow fast, and that requires having your trust. :)

If you have any questions, send an email at: