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According to research, the term “selfie” has existed since the 1950s or even before that. Like the root of much of what is going in the world, this term also came into existence in the USA. However, it wasn’t much popular back then as selfies were more commonly known as self-portraits.  It wasn’t until 2002 when the world became tired of using this term for pictures people used to take of themselves and the word selfie was thrown on an Australian Science forum.

That however wasn’t the big push it required but it just had to come sooner rather than later due to social media rising exponentially in fame and Lee Jennifer’s selfie hashtag on Instagram for the first time ever. Since then, taking selfies and uploading them on the internet has turned into one of the most popular activities on planet Earth. On paper, it seems a plain old portrait of one’s own self or of a group of people standing together smiling or jubilating, these babies have rapidly turned into being the darling of the masses.

Be it celebrities, the common layman, politicians, social workers etc. taking a selfie is just something that has turned into a norm for everyone. We previously talked about a big push regarding selfies; that came in 2013 when the host of the 86th Academy Awards Ellen Degeneres sought to pay tribute to Maryl Steep’s 18 Oscar nominations by taking a selfie with 12 other Oscar celebrities that included the likes of Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt etc. That was the first time something like that happened and that image or “selfie” became the most retweeted image in history breaking numerous records en-route to becoming a world record itself.

The world has gone selfie crazy since then. Be it Pakistan, South Africa, the UK, China or any other part of the world, people just cannot go by a day without taking a selfie and posting it on Social Media. It is said that apart from large displays and good primary cameras, selfie sensors is the most coveted feature for a buyer nowadays. Different smartphone manufacturers were quick to realize this growing trend and out came several devices that boasted superb selfie sensors. At first, VGA sensors dominated the selfie cameras department but as time flew by, sensors as big as 16 megapixels were increasingly seen in many devices. Not only increasing megapixels but front facing LED flashes have slowly and steadily made their way into the mainstream, further pushing the selfie storm to a whole new level.

Companies such as Oppo have somewhat specifically dedicated themselves to this selfie craze; their oldest devices such as the N3 were committed to excellent selfies while the company became the first ever manufacturer to introduce the concept of dual-selfie sensors via their F3 Plus. Sony has also followed suit and many of their devices such as the XA Ultra feature gigantic selfie sensors with dedicated LED flashes.

As technology further improves, this craze looks set to continue into the future with no signs of slowing down. Manufacturers are finding new ways to keep the masses absorbed into this through the inclusion of newer, much better innovations. These improvements are directly proportional to the selfie storm that simply looks set to gather further pace rather than diminishing any time soon